Can J-1s train in medical positions?

This is a question that comes up every so often, specifically in the context of registered nurse training. In addition to state licensing issues, the J-1 visa regulations specifically exclude medical training from the Trainee and Intern programs when there is “patient care or contact”.

Section 62.22 (j) (1) states that program sponsors must not “place trainees or interns … in positions that require or involve child care or elder care, or in clinical or any other kind of work that involves patient care or contact, including any work that would require trainees or interns to provide therapy, medication, or other clinical or medical care (e.g., sports or physical therapy, psychological counseling, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, social work, speech therapy, or early childhood education.

The J-1 Visa Regulations do not necessarily exclude training training at medical facilities, but J-1 Exchange Visitors cannot train in positions that require patient care or contact.

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