Five reasons why attorneys like the J-1 visa

Immigration attorneys have a wide range of visa options at their disposal. Many have discovered the J-1 visa as one more option that oftentimes fits their client’s needs. Unlike most other visas that are processed through USCIS, the J-1 Visa program is administered by State Department designated sponsor organizations. Working with the right J-1 visa sponsor offers many advantages. Here are five reasons why immigration attorneys like the J-1 visa:

1. Versatile
With its broad eligibility requirements and extensive range of occupational categories, the J-1 visa is very versatile. The visa allows for on-the-job training in numerous areas of discipline ranging from agriculture to engineering to business fields.

2. Fast processing
The J-1 visa does not need prior USCIS approval, and therefore, can be obtained very quickly. Many J-1 visa organizations process J-1 visas cases in a matter of weeks. Even shorter processing is available – as short as 48 hours – although some sponsor charge additional fees for expedited service.

3. No annual cap
Unlike some visa categories, the J-1 visa has no annual cap and is available year round.

4. Highly responsive service
J-1 visas are processed by State Department designated sponsors of the J-1 visa program. Many sponsors are highly responsive and offer excellent customer service. Applications are easily tracked and progress updates are constantly shared with the attorney. Sponsors offer advice on eligibility, training plans and obscure J-1 issues.

5. Affordable
Processing fees for the J-1 visa vary by sponsor organization, but are likely substantially lower than other visas. Like other visa petitions, attorneys play a key client coordination role and prepare paper work for the J-1 visa application.

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