How many J-1s at one employer?

For many decades, employers across various industries have hosted J-1 Interns and Trainees. Large tech companies, banks, hotel corporations and industrial organizations all have participated in the program. Especially in recent years, the question what number of J-1s is appropriate at one  employer comes up. So, what do the J-1 Visa regulations say about the number of J-1s at one host organization?

Well, nothing specific; there is no defined “J-1 to employee” ratio. Rather, sponsors will look at past programs’ success and determine the employer’s intent as well as availability of resources to provide training. A relatively large number of J-1s Interns and/or Trainees at one location may be a reason for concern. Through interviews with the host organization’s supervisor, the sponsor will determine the reasons for hosting J-1s. If the employer is merely looking to fill regular positions, the J-1 Intern and Trainee visas is not the appropriate visa. As required by CFR 62.22 f(2)(i), a sponsor will also determine if “sufficient resources, plant, equipment, and trained personnel [is] available to provide the specified training and internship program”. Past program performance, intent and availability of resources will vary from one employer to another. And sponsors will determine the appropriate number of J-1 Trainees and Intern based on each employer’s unique circumstances.

2 Responses to “How many J-1s at one employer?

  • Silvia Cortes
    4 years ago

    How many times can a teacher apply for a j-1 visa? I just finish my second term with a j1 visa. Can I apply for a new term with a new sponsor if I am granted the two year rule waiver?

    • Hi Silvia, good question! Since this blog focuses on the Intern and Trainee categories of the J-1 visa. I am not sure about the number of times a teacher can participate in the J program. I recommend reaching out to your current program sponsor, they should be able to help.