J-1 visa terminated. Now what?

Most J-1 visa Trainee and Intern programs end successfully and J-1 visa holders return to their home countries with highly favorable impressions of their program. However, a small numbers of programs end prematurely.  The reasons vary from personal reasons, career opportunities outside the U.S. to termination from the program. So what happens if a J-1 program is ended before its scheduled end date?

When a J-1 program is terminated before its scheduled end date, J-1 visa holder must leave the U.S. immediately. They cannot take advantage of the 30-day grace period normally awarded upon successful completion of the program. Their J-1 visa sponsor will adjust their status in SEVIS and  either “end program for exchange visitor” or “terminate exchange visitor”.  Termination has an adverse effect on the exchange visitors status and may jeopardize future re-entry into the U.S. Sponsors will terminate an exchange visitor only in serious cases, such as conviction of a crime, disciplinary action, engaging in unauthorized employment or failure to maintain health insurance.

In either case, it is important that the J-1 visa holder leave the U.S. as instructed.

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  • Monty Davis
    6 years ago

    I friend of mine is from Bulgaria and he is meeting financial difficulties as his main employer has failed to produce his first paycheck. He has found a second job solely to maintain his food and rent. I have filed the forms for his second job but is worried that he has may have violated is agreement. Will he be terminated under these terms?

    • If he is a J-1 Trainee or Intern, then he is in violation of J-1 visa regulations and subject to termination. He should contact his sponsor immediately to inform them about his financial challenges. They will make sure that the host employer fulfills its obligations. If they don’t/can’t, then his J-1 visa can be transferred to another host employer.

    • Hi, Im currently on a 12month j1 visa but am finding trouble finding a job that relates to my field of study. I had 3 months to get a job that relates to my field of study and only have 6 weeks left to find one or else the program is cancelled, what would happen after the end of this 6 week period do I need to leave the US asap?

      • Once your program is terminated you must leave the U.S. immediately. But, there should be no need to cancel your program. Please contact your program sponsor; they are responsible for your program. You should have a form DS-7002 that describes your location of training as well as training outline.

  • What if i overstay after the visa terminated, what are the consequence

    • When you overstay, go are out-of-status. This may cause issues with future re-entry into the U.S.

  • Hello,i’m from Russia.this year there is a new rule. program’s participant must send a monthly report how he spends holidays. I did not send this report and I was expelled from the program’s two days ago.I have already bought tickets home on September 20. and I can not change the date. I haven’t money for new tickets. this is my second time in America and I was planning to go again next summer.it is possible to get a visa again? would i have problems with obtaining visas to other countries?

    • Ann, without knowing the full details of your situation, you should be able to participate again next year. Good luck.

  • Aleks
    5 years ago

    I have noticed you are providing some advice regarding J-1 Visa termination. I would really appreciate if you could answer some of my questions.
    • My employer has terminated my Internship today without ANY earlier notice. My contract (Visa was sponsored by CICD) states that I should have regular feedback sessions. My last feedback session was in early July and I was told I am a very good employee, working towards further improvement. I had no idea what really happened over the weekend. Therefore, I would like to ask whether I can require the company to pay for the next two weeks of notice or till the end of my contract (26th of Sep)
    • Additionally, my contract states that I should not work as a regular employee nor the company’s workforce should be based on interns. My company was run mainly based on interns’ work, most of the time there was no one apart from us on the office (however, I was the only J-1 Visa holder). The only two full time employees were available on Skype at specific times.
    • I was employed on a monthly salary basis (40 h per week). However, the amount of work forced me to work at least 60 hours per week. We were also required to come to the office on the weekends – Am I eligible for overtime payment?
    • My employer took my work computer home for the weekend and went through my private Skype conversations. He showed them to me (nothing important) and told the other intern I accidentally printed them out and left in a printer at work (which is of course untrue) – was he allowed to do that?
    I would very much appreciate your help and providing me with some guidance.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Aleks, sorry to hear about your situation. I have 2 important suggestions for you. First, you need to communicate your concerns with the host organization. Make sure you understand exactly what their concerns are and why they are terminating your program. next, you need to reach out to CICD ; they should be assist you in any way. Based on the circumstances, they may be able to help you with a transfer to another host organization. Best of luck, Mario

  • Mr Ben Green
    5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Mario Janssen,

    I’d be very grateful if you could provide me with some advice on my situation. The point is that my Summer Work and Travel participation was terminated by the U.S sponsor due to inappropriate behavior during work, that is, not following the regulations of the employment. However, I understood that there were no excuse for my actions and so I decided to leave the U.S immediately after my participation was canceled. Now I don’t have the slightest notion if I can take part in this program in future. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks beforehand.

    • Ben, you should be able to participate in the program next year, but it depends on the severity of your actions. When you apply next year, make sure to explain that your previous program was canceled and provide details. Good luck.

  • Hello. I have a question. If my j-1 visa was terminated and I didn’t leave the USA immediately, will be there any possibility to re-enter in the US again on any other visa?

    • Lena, when your J-1 visa gets terminated, you must leave the U.S. immediately. Overstaying your visa will cause issues with future visas/ entries into the U.S.

  • April
    5 years ago

    Hi. I’m a J1 holder and me and my US citizen boyfriend is planning to get married If my visa sponsor will know that do they have the right or can they terminate me bec. Of getting married in the US?

    • April, J-1 visa holders are expected to return to their home country upon completion of the J-1 visa program. Check with your program sponsor for details. Best regards.

  • Hello,

    What if a J-1 Trainee is terminated prior to expiration of the program and along with program housing was provided (at cost) – since a J-1 Trainee must leave within 7 days does that mean eviction process is avoided? What recourse does the host have?

    Thank you!

    • Dennis, when a J-1 program is terminated, the Trainee must leave the U.S. immediately. Usually, the sponsor will allow for a number of days so the Trainee can arrange a flight and arrange end of lease, etc. It is important to communicate with everyone involved (ie host organization, sponsor, landlord etc) and ask what needs to be done before you leave.

  • Hi,

    I am sorry, but what exactly do you mean by “immediately”? I need some clarification. I am not sure how someone can be expected to leave “immediately” when technically that means the moment after the event has occurred.

    Does “immediately” mean within the current day, hour, minute, second?

    So here is the situation:
    A friend of mine got her J-1 visa terminated last night, so today I helped her buy a ticket and she will leave in 4 days (this Sunday). Does this fall within your definition of “immediately”? Will she have problems if she wants to come back another day or will she have the 10-year bar put on her record?


    • Josh, good question. “Immediately” means as soon as practically possible. A sponsor understands that booking a flight, making arrangements with landlord, etc takes time. Four days would be acceptable and she should have no problems with future visits to the U.S.

  • Hi, My wife is a PHD J1 Scholar, her visa is sponsored by Fulbright. But unfortunately she failed her phd comprehensive exam which resulted in her expulsion from phd program. Her visa and ds2019 are expiring in August 2013. But does her expulsion from program means that full bright will also take away her j1 visa status and force her to leave US early?

    • Yes, typically when the program ends, the J status ends. The participant must leave the U.S. immediately once the program ends. I highly recommend checking with the program sponsor/ Fullbright. Please make sure she does not overstay her visa. That will jeopardize future entries into the U.S.

  • Hi i am a J-1 Visa holder doing an internship. I know that i j1 visa holders are not allowed to to any other job except the one at the host company. But what happens if i would start o work at another job using my social security number. Like a job in a casting call for a tv show. ?

    • Hello Ann. J-1 visa regulations allow you to receive compensation from the host organization listed on your form DS-2019. Other employers cannot hire you… Best regards.

  • Isabel
    5 years ago

    I am currently on a J1 visa and am not enjoying my program an would like to cancel the visa early. What are the conditions in this case? I know I will have to leave the US immediately, but do I have to go back to my home country or can I fly to South America? Will I be able to then get an ESTA visa?

    • Dear Isabel. I am sorry to hear that your program is not working out as expected. I encourage you to discuss your experience with your host organization and with your program sponsor. There should be a way to address your concerns. We want you to have a good program experience here in the U.S. You are correct, if you end your program, you must leave the U.S. immediately. I am sorry, but I am not familiar with ESTA procedures. Best regards.

  • ishaan
    5 years ago

    I have just recieved my J1 visa. But now i don’t wish to go to USA for my 4 month internship as i have a better opportunity in australia. as i won’t go to US so my visa would automatically get cancelled. would this hamper my chances of getting US visas like F1, H1-B in future.

    If i go to australia then my J1 visa gets canclled. After completing my 4 month internship in australia i wish to visit my uncle in USA as i also have a tourist visa. Can i visit my uncle on a B1 visa after getting my J1 visa cancelled.

    • Ishaan, you should be OK to visit the U.S. on a tourist visa. Just make sure you inform your J-1 visa program sponsor that you have decided to cancel your program.

  • ishaan
    5 years ago

    i currently have 2 visas J1 and B1. I have just received my J1 visa but i don’t wish to go. So cancellation of my J1 visa would immediately put me on a B1 visas status or would it take some time?

    • You don’t receive B1B2 tourist status until you enter the U.S.. Make sure the B1B2 visa is valid before making travel plans.

  • ishaan
    5 years ago

    as i have mentioned that i won’t be going on my J1 visa and would get it cancelled. will the 2 year home residency requirement still be applicable.

  • Tanya
    5 years ago

    I am currently of a j1 visa and my host company I made aware that my training program is not legit and is not working out properly.i asked them if I could switch to some where I could be trained properly but they tell me they can’t do nothing for me and my only choice is to go home. What can I do or what shall I do. My training plan is the fault and the person who I work for signed it. So I am not at fault

    • Tanya, remember that your J-1 visa sponsor and host organization are not the same. Please contact your program sponsor and explain the situation. They will then contact the host organization to determine if you can continue the program there. If not, the sponsor may allow you to change host organizations. Let me know how it goes…

  • Pierre
    5 years ago

    I am currently in a J1 visa as an international student in the US. I just returned from an LOA (Leave of Abscense) I’ve been studying and I still have 1 year left to finish. My financial situation is not the best and I am unable to pay my tuition in the beginning of the semester, but I will be able to pay it in the next month. The college doesn’t want to give me payment plan and they need me to pay in order to study. They send me an email telling me that If I dont study this semester my visa will be terminated and I will have to return to my country. So here is my concern: I got married December 2012 with an American citizen, I was wondering if there is anything I can do to remain in the US with my wife. Do I have any legal right? I was reading that there is immediate attention to apply for a green card if I got married to a US citizen. If I have to return to my country can I apply from there to change my status in my visa from student to permanent resident? or can I do it in the US?

    • You can change status in the U.S. You will have to file a petition with USCIS. While not strictly needed, it is advised to seek help of an attorney. Good luck.

  • Sandrea
    5 years ago

    If I currently have a b1/b2 visa and apply for another j1 visa program MIT.if for some reason I am not granted a second j1 visa, will that affect my b1/b2 visa in any way, eg. being canceled etc?

    • Sandrea, your B1/B2 is separate from your J-1 and will not be canceled. As long as your B1/B2 passport visa has not expired, you can travel to the U.S. as a tourist.

  • Hello Mario,
    I’m enjoying a j1 visa as exchange graduate student. I got my Mba last April and I started my academic training year in a company in CA. My visa will expire this May 2013. My sponsor is the university from where I got my master. I am NOT subject to the two year residence requirement. My question here is if I could apply for a new visa j-1 under profesional training (I’m 27 years old) inmediately when I return to my country even if I’ve enjoyed a J-1 previously (different position). Thank you, Jose

    • Probably not. The J-1 visa program is intended to allow qualified foreign national to enter the U.S. for cultural exchange purposes. It is not really meant to extend your previous stay in the U.S. The Trainee category of the J-1 visa program also excludes training in certain field, ie medical.

  • Hi, Im in the J-1 visa programs and I need to return to my country early. I will be ending my current job in the 18th of this month but have the return flight ticket due to the 7 of the coming month. Is it possible to stay these days, as I cannot change the ticket.

    • Sol, once you terminate your program, you are required to leave the U.S. immediately. Please discuss this issue with your program sponsor; they will be able to advise you. Best regards.

  • Alfonso Ruiz
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario, and thanks a lot for your help
    My exchange program ended last year, so I got my J -1 visa cancelled. It was a 3 year visa, and it got cancelled after 2. I had to take care of a lot of things, so I left 10 days later, which is pretty much what my sponsor suggested. Now, I´m applying for another visa, an H1B, and I´m afraid this is going to be an issue, because I read what you said about a reasonable time being 4 days. What do you think?
    Thank you so much 🙂

    • Alfonso, sorry for the late reply. The regulations do not mention a specific number of days. If your sponsor suggested 10 days, then you are fine. There should be no reason why the application for the H should be denied. Good luck.

  • Stepanyan
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario, here is a question to you and thanks in advance.

    I am on J1 visa with 2 year residency requirement. I got a good job offer and I am thinking to take a leave for one year. This means when I come back to school after 12 months I shall pay for my study myself (currently i am on government scholarship).

    My question to you is: if i cancel/postpone my study and continue after 12 months on my own budget, will the 2 year residency requirement still apply to me?

  • Hi Janssen,

    Lots of valuable information for J scholars here. I am J1 scholar working last three years as a research associate. I am planning to join PhD this coming summer (May 6th) through F1 student visa . My J1 program is up to April 28th and I decided to end before its completion so that I will have time to apply for my student visa (In India it takes more than a month to get a visa). I booked my flight tickets for Mach 12th and decided to end my J1 program on the same date. After reading your blog I came to know that early ending will have negative effect on me. Is it possible to use my annual leaves instead of ending program. Because it is just a month and half. Do I need to physically present during my program end?

    Please suggest me what I should do?

    • Regu, you are fine. Ending a program early is not the same as being terminated from a program. If you end your program early and your sponsor is in agreement, then there should be no adverse effect.

  • Hi Mario, I am Titu. I got J1 Visa (one year) and started J1 program on February 4, 2011. My program duration was three years in my Ds-2019 till end of 2013. Only two months later of my joining, my PI got a better position in his home country. Therefore, he terminate me at the three month time on May 3,2011. He also terminated two other postdocs working in his laboratory in that month. He closed his laboratory by end of 2011. He explained in his letter stating that my performance was unsatisfactory. Six month later, I confirmed his position/location and his laboratory in his home country on a university web page.

    Some of my colleagues tried to find postdoc position for me in the same institute and they asked me to wait few days but failed. Finally, I left USA on the May 27, 2011 after 25 days of my termination. Still now I am not sure whether J1 responsible office cancel my program or not.
    Now I got an offer for a postdoc in other institute in USA. I heard that I could not participate new J1 program within two years of my termination (two years repeat bar). I will complete two years on the May 25, 2013 since my US departure. Can I start my new J1 program on the May 26, 2013? If I apply for J1 visa in American Embassy in my home country, Is there any possibilities to deny J1 visa for me and my J2-dependents?

    I will be really grateful to you, if you respond my queries as soon as possible.

    Sincerely your.

    • Titu, I recommend checking with the responsible officer when your sevis record was ended. Since you left the U.S. on May 27, 2011, you should be able to qualify for another J program on May 27, 2013. There is always a possibility that a J-1 visa application is denied by the U.S. consulate or embassy in your home country; the consular post make the final determination whether to approve an application.

      • Dear Mario,
        Thank you for your recommendation for checking SEVIS record with the responsible officer. I asked to responsible officer for my SAVIS status. She replied that unfortunately they never updated the SEVIS record. Therefore, SEVIS record expired as of February 15, 2013. But at the eve of my departure, I personally informed the responsible officer that I was leaving USA on May 27, 2011. It was not my fault for updating SEVIS record. Two years bar will be completed on the May 26, 2013. Now I have got an offer for new postdoctoral position in Cornell University. I want to start my position on the June 1, 2013 under new J1 program.

        At this situation, Can I apply for new J1 Visa? Am I eligible for New J1 program?
        I will be grateful if you clarify this fact as soon as possible.

        With kind regard.


  • Wayne
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario,

    I just got 6 months J1 visa for a career training program and I was wandering what kind of ticket should I buy. Is it necessary to get two way ticket from now since I am not sure in what part of the states will I be after I am done traveling in the last month of my stay.


    • Hi Wayne, it is not required to purchase a round trip ticket, but it is recommended. Even if you end up in a different part of the country, you can always change the ticket, or purchase a one-way ticket inside the U.S.

  • Thank you fro your kind information.

  • Dear Mario,
    Thank you for your recommendation for checking SEVIS record with the responsible officer. I asked to responsible officer for my SAVIS status. She replied that unfortunately they never updated the SEVIS record. Therefore, SEVIS record expired as of February 15, 2013. But at the eve of my departure, I personally informed the responsible officer that I was leaving USA on May 27, 2011. It was not my fault for updating SEVIS record. Two years bar will be completed on the May 26, 2013. Now I have got an offer for new postdoctoral position in Cornell University. I want to start my position on the June 1, 2013 under new J1 program.
    At this situation, Can I apply for new J1 Visa? Am I eligible for New J1 program?
    I will be grateful if you clarify this fact as soon as possible.
    With kind regard.

  • Amina
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    I currently have a 18-month J1 trainee visa but I completed my program earlier than expected (end of the mission I was hired to do, good feedbacks from hierarchy). So my host company is ok to let me go back to Europe in April (after only 14 months of J1). I contacted my sponsor and I am waiting for their answer but I am wondering: do I need to update my SEVIS status? Is there a difference between early termination and completion of the program? Can I just change the end date on my DS2019? Will I be able to stay for the 30-day grace period or do I have to leave the US immediately?
    Thanks a lot for your always very valuable answers!

    • Hello Amina, terminating the program early is not the same as completing the program. If you end your program early, you will have to leave the U.S. immediately; you will not be able to stay for the additional 30-day grace period. Please be sure to discuss your situation with your program sponsor. Good luck.

      • Amina
        5 years ago

        So you’re telling me that there is an option of completing the program early in order to stay during the 30-day grace period? My program sponsor doesn’t know about this. Thanks for your answers,

  • Hi Mario, great post thanks, I was just wondering whether I would have trouble on re-entry into the united states. I worked three summers at a summer camp and in 2012 was dismissed on these basis: they falsely accused me of being sick upon returning to camp from the bar (I was 21 and the bar is allowed), they admitted their mistake and issued a lesser punishment (staying in for the following days until the end of camp) which I refused and was subsequently dismissed and my J-1 Visa terminated. Would this affect future J-1 applications as no law was broken and I made the decision in to be dismissed rather than be treated unfairly?

    • Hello Mat, it depends on how the program sponsor ended your sevis record. They can either “end program for Exchange Visitor” or “terminate EV”. Terminating EV would have adverse effects on reentry. I suspect they ended your program (rather than terminate it), but you may wish to check with them. Good luck.

      • Thanks for your reply! This page is incredibly helpful.

        I have contacted my visa sponsor and the program was ‘ended’ not terminated – so the program ended in SEVIS. Will this have to be explained or affect future visa applications?

        best regards,


        • Good. An “ended” program should not have adverse effects on future visa applications. If ever asked why this program ended prematurely, simply explain the situation accurately and truthfully.

  • Charlotte
    5 years ago

    Hi there,

    I am currently an Au Pair with a J1 visa. I have been in the states almost 5 months and after 2 swaps in families, I am still having the same issue. The host families abuse and over work us and the agency don’t take any action. I am wondering, if I return home to Australia ( ending my J1 visa ) can I go home and apply for a B2 visitor visa with intent to study? Is there time frame I need to wait out before applying? Is there a chance I will be knocked back? I don’t have the 2yr residency on my visa so I know that works in my favour. I really want to finish exploring this country and look into study. Any help would be appreciated!!!

    • Hi Charlotte, sorry to hear about your experience. You should try and contact your program sponsor again. They have a regulatory requirement to help you. If that does not work, you can always contact the Department of State. As for studying you will most likely need an F visa, which can be issued by the school. Good luck!

  • Hello good day! Im currently on a J 1 visa but i want to leave the country for personal matters can I still use my B1/B2 in the future? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Tin, yes you can. Just make sure that you inform your program sponsor of your withdrawal from the program so that they can end your program in SEVIS.

  • April Semana
    5 years ago


    I would like to ask, if i got or i choose to be terminated form my J1 visa and I already have a B1/B2 visa which is a 10 year multiple entry can i still stay in the united states and travel? What do i have to do? As my DS I90 says i used my J1 visa entering united states

    • April, if you get terminated from the the program (or withdraw from the program), you will have to leave the U.S. immediately. Staying in the U.S. will jeopardize future entries into the U.S. You can always re-enter on B status at a later time.

  • Manuel
    5 years ago

    My name is Manuel Paez and I’m an International medical graduate who has received an invitation to perform research for a year in Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami Florida.

    I have been reading the requirements necessary for the change of status from J1 Research to J1 clinical visa, however I have a question for you.

    If I finish my research activities at Bascom Palmer and somehow manage to get a spot in a residency in the US AFTER finishing my research am I required to wait for 12 months BEFORE I can apply to a J1 clinical alien physician visa?

    I saw that a requirement is that one must hold the J1 research visa in order for a change to take place, but I’m not sure if that is universal or if there are any exceptions to that.

    For example I finish my Research in July 2014 and then accepted to start residency in July 2015, will I be able to apply through ECFMG for a J1 clinical or not?

    • Hi Manual. Our designation is in the Trainee and Intern categories. There are separate rules for Research. I would reach out to the Eye Institute, they should be able to help.

  • Hi Mario,

    I’m an Aupair in the U.S since Aug 27th 2012 and I have a visa J1 wich it’ll finish at Aug 27th 2013. I have 7 months here and I decided to finish the program because I had some issues with the family and I don’t want to be on re-match because I only have left 4 months and my plans weren’t extended the program. I know that I have to leave immediately after my visa status change but here are my quesitions?
    -what happend if I don’t have book the flight, will the put me on records or something?
    -how many days at most do i have to leave the country? it’s ok 6 days?
    -The termination of this programm could affect me to enter like visitor to U.S if i want to come back for vacations?
    -Can I apply for another visa later like in 2 or 3 years?

    Thank you, hope you have a good day.

    • Hello Nora. I am sorry to hear that your program is not working out. Please be sure to share your concerns with the host family and your program sponsor. Once you end the program, you must leave the U.S. “immediately”. In reality this means as soon as you can. A few days is acceptable. If you end your program voluntarily you should not have any issues with future visits to the U.S. (if your programs gets terminated, it may affect your record). Check with your program sponsor about reapplying at a later time. Best of luck.

  • Ceyhan Seyit
    5 years ago

    I completed my Ph.D as a J-1 visa holder. I am now conducting my academic training in a private company. I still have my 2-year residency requirement. My J-1 visa expired and I am planning to make a trip to my home country this summer. so I will need to get a new visa to come back to the states. Is there a risk of not getting a visa just because I completed my degree and I am now using my academic training option after graduation. the university I graduated told me that there is no risk. but then I talked to another university and they told me that the consular officer might not understand why I would like to go back to USA after I got my degree and he/she could think that I am planning to stay in the US and deny my visa under 214(b).

    • Ceyhan, you should be able to apply for a new J-1 visa as long as you have a valid DS-2019 or I-20. Yet, there is a small risk that the application might be denied.

  • Fraser
    5 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I have been accepted to a PhD program starting in August and have completed the DS-160, and booked my visa appointment in around 4 weeks time. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I am no longer able to attend graduate school at this time. In this instance, should I both cancel the visa appointment and notify my sponsor on the DS-2019? Is there anything else I should have to do to ensure future entry to the US is not negatively affected?


    • Hi Fraser, yes; cancel the visa appointment and inform your program sponsor. They will be able to cancel your sevis record so that future reentries are not affected.

  • Zeynep
    5 years ago

    i currently have a j1 visa that is subject to the two year rule. it expires on may 26th and i am planing to go back to my country late july. i am an exchange student and i would like to travel. i also have a b1/b2 visa that is valid for 10 years. if i travel to mexico before my j1 expires and come back to the us using my toruist visa, would it be okay for me and would i be able to stay here until july?
    thank you

    • If your form DS-2019 has a program end date of May 26, 2013, then you are allowed to stay for 30 additional days (grace period). You could leave the U.S. and return on B1B2 status, but you have to be able to convince the point of entry officer that you will leave the U.S. in July.

      • andreasalda
        5 years ago

        Mario, I am currently on a J1 visa. My visa expires may 11th and the grace period would be until june 11th. I am planning on going to california next week. I want to exit the border to Mexico on May 20th and come back in the same day to the US on my B1/B2 tourist visa with multiple entries. And then leave the country for good the 14th of June. Is this possible? to exit as a j1 visa and enter the same day on a tourist visa? thank you very much.

        • It is possible, but please make sure that you can convince a port of entry officer that you will leave the U.S. on June 14. You may want to bring a copy of your airplane ticket for travel back to your home county on Jun 14.

        • Sherwin
          5 years ago

          I got problem today..i am j1. Visa holder..we got 2 weeks left to finish our contract but we got problem regarding to our work.we got terminated just right now.im fine if they send us home.but the thing we paid for our ticket to go home.who is responsible to take new ticket for us sir?

          • Hi Sherwin, I am sorry to hear about your situation. Please be sure to contact your program sponsor immediately, they will be able to resolve the issue for you.

  • George
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario I am on an 18 month programme that will end in September. My employer wants to keep me but do not know how. Can I get a second J1 if I change department? My passport says 2 year rule does not apply. If I can do I have to go back to my home country to ask for the new VISA or I can do it in the US?

    • Hello George, J-1 visa regulations require that participants return to their home country upon completion of their program. Once you are back home, you could apply for a non-immigrant work visa. I recommend that your host organization reach out to an attorney.

  • annie
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario, I’m going to the US for an MBA program, and I would like to apply for the J-1 visa. I intend to do the internship in the US, but I can only find the job/placement after I arrive at the US. How should I fill my training/internship placement form? thanks.

    • Hi Annie. For students, the forms are a little different from Interns or Trainees. Check with your university, they should be able to help.

  • Harriet
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    I currently have a J1 with BUNAC (geovisions) for this Summer, but don’t yet have a job. I am aware of the 3 week grace period in which to find a job when arrived in the US but if I don’t manage to get one, can I remain in the US on an ESTA (and not work of course) or do I have to exit the country then re-enter on the ESTA, and if so, do I have to go to the UK or just out of the US (e.g. canada or mexico) and back in?



    • Hello Harriet, good question. We only have a designation in the Intern and Trainee programs; I am not 100% about the SWT program. Best to check with BUNAC.

  • Claire
    5 years ago

    I am currently renting a room to two J-1 visa holders. Their funding aid has not come through and they are trying to break their rental contract (6 months – they have stayed 2 months). They threatened to leave the country before any legal action could be taken against them and I wanted to know my rights. One is trying to find work, which I know violates the visa while the other said he will move out if he feels like doing so. Any advice on who I should contact to handle this situation is welcome.

    • Hello Claire. I recommend that the J-1 visa holders reach out to their program sponsors. The funding issue has to be resolved. I would also recommend that they don’t leave the U.S. prematurely; it may affect future re-entry.

  • Chris Jensen
    5 years ago

    i am a exchange student on a j1 visa, i have some troubles with my host family and dont like it here, i talked with some friends about dropping out of the program and take a trip somewhere in the U.S, if i did that would my visa expire?

    • Hi Chris. I am sorry to hear that your program is not working out as expected. Have you talked to your program sponsor? They will be able to help you. It is their obligation to ensure your well being and safety. According to J-1 visa regulations, if you terminate your program, you must leave the U.S. immediately. I hope it works out for you.

  • Shreya
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    I’m a third year engineering student from India. Last year my family and I applied for B1/B2 visas as we were planning a family holiday to the US this year. I was just informed a week ago by my University in India that I had been selected to represent my year as a research intern at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, for which I will require a J1 visa. Will I have to surrender my B1/B2 visa to obtain the J1 visa? In the event that I do, will it be hard for me to apply for B1/B2 status again?

    • Shreya, you should not have to give up your B1B2 visa. When you receive your J-1 visa and Form DS-2019 and travel to the U.S., you will enter the U.S. on J status. But your B1B2 visa should remain in your passport. Next time you travel to the U.S. (this time without a valid Form DS-2019), you will be admitted on B status.

  • Shreya
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    Thank you for your quick response. I have since then contacted the associate dean of the University of Nebraska and he has presented me with two options:
    (1) If I go on an F1 visa then I need to take a course; or
    (2) go on a J1 visa as an exchange student, then there is no need to take a course.

    I was hoping you could tell me if I do take the course and apply for F1 status, would that mean I would have to give up my B1/B2 visa? It is still valid for another 9 years, and I am yet to visit the US.

  • Hi

    I have in US under j1 visa then my program ended in December 2010 and I came back to my home country now I wanted to go back to US and applied for B1b2 visa when I interviewed by visa official he asked you have j1 I said yes.

    My question is I am confused coz when I got other visa then they cancelled my j1. So was it valid if yes then could I travel on it even after 2 years or do I need to extend it instead of applying an other category.


    • You can’t travel on the J one, you need a valid form DS-2019. There should be no reason that you cannot obtain a B1B2 visa.

  • Alfonso Ruiz
    5 years ago

    Hello again Mario, and thank you for your help again!
    I asked you before about a J-1 program which was ended, and its impact on my current H1B application. I got approval, and now I need to get my stamp at the embassy. My exchange visitor program was ended last year, one year prior to visa expiration (Aug 1, 2013). The reason was “host school couldn’t offer me visa appropriate employment”. Sponsor assured me there would be no mark on my record whatsoever. They just changed my status on SEVIS to “inactive”, and I came home.
    I’m not sure what I should respond to the question on DS-160 “has your visa ever been cancelled”? yes or no?
    I want to make sure I tell the truth. What do you think? Was my visa cancelled?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Alessandro
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario,
    I am a visiting professor in a US university. The end date on my J-1 visa is on a Sunday. Do you think it will be a problem if I leave the US on Friday or Saturday?

    Thank you

    • You should have a 30-day grace period on your J program. This means you are allowed to stay for 30 days beyond the program end date. You cannot be engaged in training activity, but you can travel in the U.S.

  • I have now valid J1 and B2 visa. The J1 visa will be ended by Jul-2014, but I want to finish my program early before that. Can I stay after I finish my J1 visa in USA with valid B2 visa without going out of USA?

    • You can’t without changing status from J to B. You would either have to apply for change of status or leave the U.S. and then return on B status.

  • I over see exchange students and have my first ever case where the student has to return home due to failing grades, major attendance issues, suspension for admitting to drug use, and on going medical issues. The student did not leave on his assigned flight and him and the host family are now trying to get the school to take him back but he is off program. The school is not sure if they legally have to take him back. Now that he is off program he has no insurance unless his natural mother is providing it from home. He says he has a tourist visa but he entered the country on his student visa. We are telling him and the family that he needs to leave immediatly to avoid further issues but they are not listening. What should we do?

    • JR, the program sponsor is ultimately responsible for the student. I recommend that the Responsible Officer reach out to the Department of State for guidance.

  • bijay
    5 years ago

    dear sir ,
    i am here on USA for an internship 12 month program since January 2013 .i am doing good at my work .I have completed my bachelor degree in my home country . after completing my internship program if i want to apply for master degree here in USA university can i get visa for that ??? when should i apply for it ..before 6 month or after finishing my internship ?? do they give visa for me …after all im here only for 12 month ?? plzz sir help me out

    • Bijat, you should be able to obtain a student visa to pursue a masters degree. Please contact the university where you would like to study, they will be able to guide your through the visa application process. Good luck.

  • Turgut Yoludogru
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    My J1 visa was finished on 26th of March 2013. I had two year rule on my visa but I applied to waive it and I received a waiver. Then I applied to change my status to tourist visa. While it was still in process I had to come back to my country. Now I am in my country and my application is still in process. I m checking it online everyday. But I left from the US on 1st of May 2013. Does it mean that I overstayed? If I want to apply to H2B visa, or any visa, would the government think I overstayed from my time just because of I left from the country after the I94 date even if I have a file on USCİS?
    And If I get my tourist visa will I be able to enter the US again without having problem?
    Because I wont have torist visa on my passport, I would have a new I94 if they approve my application. Would I be able to enter the country with this paper.

  • Benjamin T. Pratt
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    My girlfriend is participating with the Disney work-exchange program on a J1 visa and she’s having some difficulty with her administration. She’s followed the regulations set forth within her employee guidebook but there’s been a slight issue. She’s allowed to leave withing 48 hours prior to the final end date of her program, and based on that information, she scheduled a flight out of the state within those 48 hours. However, just this past week her management notified all workers on her J1 visa program that they would have to work every day of their final week, though they never gave prior notice of this, nor does it say anything about it in their handbook or on the employee website. So, she is officially scheduled to work the day of her departure and her employee seems to be refusing to give her off and is now saying that she will be terminated if she leaves, resulting in a break of the program, even though she followed the rules set out before her.

    If she is terminated, I’m aware the she must leave the country immediately, but her flight is only a few days after the program end date. If she were to simply wait to leave until the end of the program she would still fall under I.N.A. § 212(a)(9)(B) as an alien unlawfully present. However, she would only be present for about 4 consecutive days pursuant to the cancellation of her J1. So there are quite literally no penalties listed for this type of situation. If she were to overstay, based on such radical circumstances, what would the penalty actually be?

    It’s very frustrating for foreigners who follow the rules and get caught up on semantics, especially when they’re trying to follow the rules. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Benjamin T. Pratt

    • Benjamin, she should reach out to Disney and her program sponsor (if that is someone other than Disney) and try to resolve the issue. Upon completion of the program, she will have the option to stay for an additional 30 days. As long as she leaves within 30 days of the program end date listed on form DS-2019, she will be fine. If the program is terminated early, a J participant is required to leave the U.S. “immediately”; in reality this commonly means a few days. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  • Hi Mario, I have a question about J1 ending. I am planning to terminate my J1 early and travel to Schengen countries as a tourist after that. I have got the Schengen visa while I am still in J1 program. My question is the termination of J1 would affect my entry into Schengen area or not. I am thinking may be they will wonder about my status of not going back to the US as I claimed when I applied for the Schengen visa.

    • I am not familiar with entry restrictions for Schengen countries, but your J status in the U.S. should not affect entry into Schengen countries if you have a valid visa.

  • Vjero
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario!

    Thanks for helping us.

    I was on J1 visa last year but few days before my flight back I had problems with headaches so I postponed my flight back for 8 days. It means I stayed a week longer then was allowed to.

    I can take a doctors note with me to prove it at the entry if needed.

    I got J1 visa again for this summer so I want to know if I could have any problems when entering US.

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Vjero, out-of-status cases are not my area of expertise. Bringing a doctors note to the visa interview is a good idea.

  • Andrea
    5 years ago

    I have a J-1 Visa for the Work and Travel Programme. Would it be a problem to buy a one-way ticket from my country

    • Andrea, that is a little hard to say. But why risk the chance? You will want to make sure that the point-of-entry officer has absolutely no doubt that you will leave the U.S. when you are supposed to.

  • Hi Mario, I have a question about my J1-status. My J-1 is valid from 01/2012 to the end of August, 2013. However, I left the States last year for two months and visit the states again in December using a B2 visa (since my J1 visa expired at that time and applying to a B1 visa is easier for me). After few weeks, I left the States again. In this case, is my J-1 still active now? Can I apply to J1 visa again? Or I am barred from the 2 year rule?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Your program sponsor will most likely have terminated your sevis record. This means that you can no longer enter the U.S. on J status.

  • Sebastian
    5 years ago

    Helo, I have a question about J1. Me and my friend have been transfered to a different location and our sponsor paid for our flights last summer. I have paid back to them, but my friend do not and how he don’t know what to do. Will that cause some problems to him in the future. May he be put under the court trial or something like that? Or is it possible that he will not let be to re-enter the US? Will this be connected to him in the files of the US departments and government?

    Thank you

    • Hello Sebastian. It is important for your friend to fulfill all his obligations before leaving the U.S. Best regards.

  • Eriel
    5 years ago

    I wanted to terminate my contract early since suddenly my school has moved the 1st school day from june 28 to june 10, my contract ends june 26 and i am both a handler of j1 visa and b1/b2 visa…. If i ended my contract earlier will it effect my future re-entries here in the u.s?

  • maria
    5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Mario Janssen,
    I’d be very grateful if you could provide me with some advice on my situation. The point is that en february 2009 on Summer Work and Travel participation was terminated by the U.S sponsor due to inappropriate behavior during work, ( I steal 100 u$s) I understood that there were no excuse for my actions and so I decided to leave the U.S immediately after my participation was canceled. Now 4 years later im going maryed and I need a turist visa, becouse I whant to go to thailand for my honey moon, and the plane stop at new york, so im going to have problem to have my turist visa? Thanks beforehand.

    • Hi Maria, I don’t think you need a tourist visa if you are in transit only. If you stay in NY, then you will need a visa. check with your travel agent.

      • maria
        5 years ago

        drear Mario, yes I need visa because Im from Argentina, and here we need visa always to go to there. Do yo know if im going to have problem?

  • Laz Collins
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    I have a specific case, I had J1 Trainee in hospitality area from 2011 until may 2012, from may 2012 i filed change of j1 to 6m tourist visa, i left the US 1 week after my tourist visa expired. Now Im 6m at home, employed and also doing my master thesis at post graduate university but i would like to go back to the US.. what i your suggestion, can i apply for J1 intern (because im still student ) or again J1 trainee or should i apply for tourist visa? thanks

    • Laz, overstaying your (tourist) visa is a serious violation. Check with the U.S. consulate in your home country to determine if they will issue another visa.

  • Natalie
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario, I would be really thankful if you could answer me the following questions concerning my J1 Visa.

    I came to the US 4 month ago to start my 18month traineeship at a company. Some days ago my supervisor announced that he is going to leave the company. There will be no replacement of him and the other employee can’t train me, so basically I am stuck in that company and I could continue working there but I won’t have anybody to fulfill my training. Now my supervisor told me that he has some contacts as he doesn’t want to let me down and wants to try and see if I can continue the training at another company. Do you think this would be an acceptable reason for my agency to transfer my J1 visa to another company? If so, what is the process of doing that, what does the new host company need to do for that and how long does it take to transfer my visa to a new company? I don’t want to contact my agency yet, as I would like to know if there is a chance to switch to another company in my case and I am scared to lose my J1 visa and having to go back home again after only 4 month.

    Further I would like to know if there is any cap of the amount of the salary which you are allowed to earn as a J1 holder. And is a J1 holder allowed to take health insurance from the company if the company is offering that? Thank you so much!

    • Hello Natalie. Please contact your visa program sponsor immediately. They can help. It is important that you are at a host organization that can provide bona fide training. Your J-1 visa can be transferred to another host organization. The new company will have to complete a new form DS-7002. Depending on the sponsor, the process for transferring should take a few days. J-1 visa regulations do not include salary restrictions, but it has to be a reasonable training salary. You can enroll in the company’s benefits plan.

      • Natalie
        5 years ago

        Hello, thank you so much for your advice. I have one more question. Is it true that a newly opened office in the US of any foreign company needs to exist 2 years before I can transfer my J1 visa to this office of this company? Even though they have enough people to ensure my training? Thank you, Natalie

        • There is nothing in the J-1 visa regulations that prohibits new companies from hosting J-1s, but some program sponsors require that the business has been in operation for some time.

  • I am currently on a J-1 visa in the USA (I’m from Canada), and my program is through Disney and it’s only a short stay (May-August). However, I am experiencing extreme homesickness and am planning on self-terminating/withdrawing from my program.
    I was wondering if I do withdraw and leave the USA immediately if I would have trouble re-entrying the country and obtaining another visa in the future if I decided to leave home.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Kal, sorry to hear about your situation. Please be sure to explain your situation to your program sponsor and they will be able to end your sevis record. This will have no adverse affects. Good luck!

  • hello,mario.
    i was terminated by Disney internship program the day before yesterday.
    and actually i have to take university class every friday in UCF. I hold the J-1 visa.
    now that i was terminated by Disney and i cannot work there anymore, but at least i want to finish my class in University.
    i have two questions:
    one is how can i check the status of my sevis record? i want to know whether they made “terminate EV”or ” end programe for Exchange vistor?” and how soon will they make this status?
    the other question is if i ask for UCF to help me stay here until i finish my class in UCF in July 20th, would they like to help me ?
    thank you so much.

    • Hi Naka, I am sorry to hear about your program. Please contact your program sponsor immediately. They are the ones who access your sevis record (depending on the reasons, it should be “ended” or “terminated”).

  • Alexa
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario.
    I was an Au Pair with a J1 from 2010 to 2011…. i had to come back home 1 month before my program ended…it was a mutual decision between the family and I.
    I really want to go back as an AuPair.
    But they told me my visa was in status: terminated.
    Do you think that affects me to get another J1 visa????
    I have a good record with the states..i even paid my aupair taxes, and i’ve been to the USA many times after i came back home…
    thank you!

    • Hi Alexa. A “terminated” sevis record may have a negative effect on future visa applications. Based on your brief summary of the situation, you should request that the sponsor correct your record.

  • Nenine
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    I am currently on a J1 visa but I wish to end my program early as I am not enjoying it. I want to know if its is possible to apply for a B1/B2 visa while I am in the USA on my J1 or do I have to end my program early and return home to South Africa for the B1/B2 visa? Also will ending the program early cause problems to apply for a B1/B2 visa?
    Thank you for your help

    • Hello Nenine, I am sorry to hear your program is not going as expected. Before you end your program, please be sure to discuss your concerns with the host organization and your program sponsor. Many times, a solution will be found. If you still decide to end your program, you are required to leave the U.S. immediately. You can always apply for a B1B2 visa after you return to your home country. Good luck!

  • Marios
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    I have a j1 visa with 212e. I am going to transfer my visa to new job, where they claim that can help me waive that rule.
    If they won’t be able to do this, I will leave USA. What actions I should do to terminate my visa, and the two years start counting? Will the early termination effect me in the future?

    • Hello Marios, please be sure to discuss your plans with your visa program sponsor, they will be able to help.

  • Valentin D'Orbieux
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario!
    I’m on a 18 months J1 Trainee Visa and I’d like to know what are the acceptable reasons to transfer to another host organization.
    The one I’m currently enrolled in is fulfilling all its duties but I found another company in which I feel I could learn more, could this reason be enough to justify change ? Many thanks!

    • Valentin, form DS-7002 is the Trainee/Intern Placement Plan that the host organization, the program sponsor and you signed. The agreement outlines the respective parties’ duties and responsibilities. It sounds like the host organization in complying with the DS-7002. If this is the case, your program sponsor will most likely not allow a transfer.

  • Greetings ! Mr . mario ,
    I’am on a ten year multiple entry B1/B2 . I have visited U.S last year on a conference. now i would like to go for an exchange programme . if i happen to get the J1 Visiting scholar Visa would my B1/B2 be cancelled or should it be renewed again? do i have to go through the hassel of an visa interview again ?

    • Your B1B2 would stay in your passport and remain valid. You can use it to enter the U.S. on tourist status until it expires. To enter as an exchange visitor, you need a J visa. You will have to go through an interview again.

  • Dear Marco,
    My DS-2019 (three years as a professor) expired on May 10, so I had to go out of the country before June 10, but I miscalculated and booked a flight on the 10th, then the flight was cancelled due to tornado warning, and I left the country on the 11th. So it turned out that I overstayed two days after my grace period. I’ve got a new job and will apply for an H-1B in my home country. The petition for an H-1B is in process through the new university (not the change of status, I believe). This might not be your area of expertise, but do you think my overstay wil affect the interview and/or entry to the US (if I get the stamp)? Any info and advice will be greatly appreciated. I am thinking to bring a proof of flight cancel and flied petition for an H-1B for the interveiw and entry to the US. What kind of other evidence would be useful to show I didn’t intend to stay illegally? Thank you.

    • Definitely bring proof of the original flight as well as proof of cancellation due to weather.

  • Alexandra
    5 years ago

    I am currently in the US on a J1 visa as an aupair. I am not subject to the 2 years rule as is clearly stated on my visa. My question is: can I change my visa status while still in the US without having to go back to my home country (Greece)? Also, what kind of visa would I need to apply for in order to legally have the right to work and live in the US? thank you very much for all the answers, I am completely lost on the matter and I really want to stay in the US permanetely even without being a citizen, what I’m looking for is the right visa that will allow me to legally work here. I would also like to ask if a simple job like being a waitress or a nanny would help me get a working visa?

    • Hi Alexandra. As part of the J-1 exchange visitor program, you are required to return to your home country upon completion of your program. It is an important aspect of the program.

  • Helena Orjuela
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario,

    Thank you for helping us!

    I am a J1 visa holder and my position will come to an end on june the 28th/2013. After this date I will have 30 days to leave the US, my visa is subjected to a two-year home-country physical presence requirement.

    I have some questions:

    Can I marry an American citizen during this 30 days of grace time, for example july 15th/2013? That would affect the outcome of my papers? Do I need to apply for a waiver before or after getting married?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hello Helena, I am afraid I am not qualified to give advice on marriage and the legal/immigration ramifications 🙂 An immigration attorney would be a good place to start. Good luck!

  • Miguel
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario, awesome job here first of all, thanks for taking care of us!

    Here is my situation, I was working for a company as an intern with a J1 and was made redundant when the company was acquired (yes, foreign trainees are easy to get rid of) so I went immediately back to my country. But what the heck? I want to take revenge on the US, I was expecting an awesome job experience and I was kicked very unfairly

    I am not subject to the two year rule. So for what I have read I can come back with a J1 in a different area. Question is: Can I join a distance learning university and do an internship in the area of that career? If not, can I join the regular program in my country, show the registration in the embassy, and get a student J1 anyways? Or should I have been studying a certain minimum time so I am allowed to do an internship on that area?

    Thanks a lot

    • Hello Miguel. Sorry to hear about the early termination of your program. In these cases, program sponsors usually offer an option to transfer to another host organization. In your case, it is a little too late for that option, so let’s look forward… You can participate in additional J programs, see this post. To qualify as an Intern, you must be “currently enrolled full-time and pursuing studies at a degree- or certificate-granting post-secondary academic institution”. For more info about eligibility, see this post.

  • Alexandra
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario, It’s Alexandra again. Who do I need to contact that will be able to answer the rest of my questions? Since I am not a subject to the 2 years rule, even if I do have to go back to my home country after complition of my program, I will still be able to come back within two years, correct? Is there a number I can call or someone I can contact that will give me more information about what my options are if my objective is to come back to the US as soon as possible?

    • Hi Alexandra. After you complete your J program and return to your home country you can apply for other visas for the U.S. The best option would be to contact an immigration attorney after you complete your J program. Good luck!

  • Dominick
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario, the other day we interviewed with an au pair who was in re-match, and were excited because she seems perfect for our family. We told the agency we were going to match with her, but because of some sort of administration error on their part they “expired” her rematch period and sent her packing back to her home country. We are pissed, its hard to find an au pair witht he specific qualifications we are looking for and she would have been a great big sister to our children. What can we do? Can she get another J1 Visa through a different au pair agency? If so we’ll gladly switch.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Dominick, sorry for the delayed response. The au-pair program is not my area of expertise and I am not familiar with the details of the au-pair program regulations. I recommend reaching out to an au-pair program sponsor, they should be able to help. A list of sponsor can be found here.

  • I was on the J-1 visa as an aupair, but I was asked to work double the amount of hours then I was contracted to, I spoke to the agency and I agreed rather than rematch I would go home. I left after 5 months and my visa was terminated, I left the exact same day. That was 2 years ago, and I would like to give it another try. Would I be allowed to reapply?

    • Hi Beth, there should be no reason why you could not participate in another aupair program. Good luck!

  • Pedro
    5 years ago

    Hello, my name is Pedro, I am bearer of the J1 visa which expires on the 27th of August being promoted by the sponsor company Intrax which says the program is up to 12 months. According to my DS 2019, I am not subject to the year residence requirement. My Visa doesnt oblige me to be in my home country for two years. I have received a job offer in the United States, I would like to know what do I need to do in order to continue to work here, because I would like to remain in the United States. From the embassy of my country, I was told that I needed a statement from the sponsor company in which there is no objections for the worker to remain in the USA. Intrax refuses to provide such statement, due to the duration of the program.
    Do I need to change my Visa, do I need to go back to my country for a while?
    I also read that an immigration attorney can help in such cases, if that s the case, where can I find one.
    Thank you

    • Hi Pedro. The U.S. Department of State requires that all J participants return to their home country upon completion of the program. Once you are back in your home country, you can look for opportunities to apply for a work visa. I would use google to find local immigration attorneys.

  • Hello.
    I am a J1 visa student from Moldova. I ve been told that my work and travel program has been terminated. My sponsor told me that i need to leave the U.S. in 72 hours now 12 hours or even less. The problem is that there are no tickets available until July 16th. What should i do in order to be able to come back to the U.S. next summer (B1 visa)?

    • Hello Ana, please be sure to communicate your concerns with the program sponsor. They will be able to help you.

  • Darko
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario, I am J1 student on W&T program. At my job, a lot of us have problem with the same guy who is kitchen chief. He is threathing to all of us that he is going to cancel our J1 status. We can’t explain him anything because he doesn’t allow us. Everytime we tried to speak with him, the result was another threath. My question is: Can I speak with my agency here in the US, and, when I find another job, leave this one, without losing my J1 status? Best regards.

    • Hello Darko. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Please contact your W&T program sponsor immediately. They are there to help you. You should not be threatened in any way – ever! Please write me back if your situation does not improve.

  • vignesh
    5 years ago

    ii am in my j1 visa. my host organization is not assigning the task that they informed me, I came for training in marketing but i am doing as a receptionist . one ororganization wants me to join with them as marketing trainee. how can i shift fro mthat orga. please give me some ideas i want to move from this joob

    • Vignesh, if the host organization is not able to provide training as outlined in Form DS-7002, then the program sponsor will be able to offer a transfer to another host organization.

  • Vasileios
    5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Janssen,

    Thank you for all the invaluable help you provide to J1 holders.

    I would like to ask you this :

    I am currently a J1 visa holder. My boss decided to resign from the university I work as a postdoc, effective August 2013 and consequently I will be placed in layoff status effective August 9.
    In this case, what is the status of a grace period ?
    Because her decision has nothing to do with the quality of work carried out by me (actually I have a recent excellent evaluation report to prove that). Is this a termination (which subsequently would not grant a 30day grace period) ? She renewed my DS form March 2013 (till March 2014).
    And if yes, what would she have to do in order to fix that ? Declare earlier than expected succesful completion of the program ?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hello Vasileios. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Please check with your program sponsor for details as I am not familiar with the particular rules for postdoc.

      • Vasileios
        5 years ago

        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        What I meant to say is, regardless of postdoc or other category of J1, when a J1 program ends without the employee’s / trainee’s responsibility (inability of the host institution to provide any longer the training), the J1 visa holder is still entitled to a 30 day grace period. would that be right ?

        thanks again for your precious help.

        • No, sorry. The regulations actually state that the J-1 must leave the U.S. “immediately”. In reality, this means a number of days to prepare for departure from the U.S. The grace period is not awarded in those cases.

  • Don Bello
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario, Thanks for taking time to help people with issues regarding visa to America. I have a similar problem too, I came to the US on a J-1 short scholar program but did not report to the school. I started living with my girlfriend and we are planning to get married next week and I will apply for green card immediately after our marriage. Meanwhile my sponsor said since I did not report for the program they would terminate my DS-2019 form next week too and advised me to go back home as soon as possible. My question is, can I go ahead with getting married and applying for a change of status and green card still even though my record shows that my current J1 visa has been terminated. Will that affect me getting the green card? Thank you very much for answer in advance.

    • Hi Don. I am not familiar with the laws regarding marriage. I recommend reaching out to an attorney. Best of luck.

  • Vladimir
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    My J1 visa expires on 1 September. My program also ends on 1 September. Should I immediately leave U.S. on 1 September? Or I can have few days before leave U.S.

    • Hi Vladimir. You are entitled to 30 day grace period after successful completion of the program. During this grace period, you are allowed to stay in the U.S. but you cannot be engaged in training anymore. Enjoy yourself!

  • Hi,
    I started my 18 month training plan 6 weeks ago.My sponsor who is manager of the company is a bully to me and three of my co-workers,her negative behaviour happens on a daily basis and for no valid reason,it is very strange.Every day I am upset and so stressed about going into work, one other co-woker behaves in the same way along with one of the owners of the company.It is a very strange place to work and soul destroying.A co-worker walked out on Monday as she could not take the harassment and the lack of guidance and training in her job. To add to this I am the most qualified in the office,my sponsor who is suppose to train me as a construction project manager was up until last September a book keeper,since the remodelling company has grown she is now the manager but has no experience in project management or construction. I have worked in Architecture for 6 years and studied for 5 I was told my experience and education mean nothing to the position I am in. I have an idea on how the system in the office should work to avoid all of the problems as they arise from the company having no system in the office,problems are solved when they arise as no-one has any experience in this field. I feel that I will not get the correct training set out in my training plan, as this place is so disorganised and unprofessional with no-one to guide me.I have asked to schedule projects to get some experience of that and have downloaded the programs and figured it all out myself with no guidance from anyone, I am just expected to figure everything out as no-one else has worked in construction before and don’t really know what they are supposed to do. The daily bullying that occurs and lack of training is making my experience with this company very unpleasant. I would like to transfer to a company where I can work with people who have experience and can train me properly and without bullying and harassment.I have said to the company I am not getting the training and since I have said this the bullying is a lot worse.I would really like to transfer, what is involved in this process?Do I need to approach my current sponsor and let them know I am thinking of leaving?Do you think I can transfer?Thank you in advance for any help, I don’t know what to do.

    • Hello Mary. I am sorry to hear that your training program is not going as expected. Is it crucial that you contact your J-1 visa program sponsor and explain your situation. If the host organization is not able to provide training that is appropriate to your background, then they can offer a transfer. Please let me know how it goes. Good luck.

  • juan valencia
    5 years ago

    hi Mr. janssen,

    I am a Colombian teacher who was hired to be part of a great group of teachers from all over the world. i was chosen for a spanish position in NC, but I never knew a lot of issues that i had to face up while i adjusted to a new educational culture.
    Due to a vast majority of troubles that i’ve got at the school i was working for but without any school and staff support. That’s why i resigned and in consequence my j1 visa was cancelled. So, my question is whether i can apply for another type of visa right now or i can’t re-entry into the US then? Because, i am living in Colombia since January 14, 10 days later after i sent out my resignation letter. Hope your comments and appreaciate any advice you can give me to go through.


    Juan Valencia 15458867

    • Hello Juan. I am sorry but I am not familiar with the exact rules for teachers. Trainees and Intern can return under certain conditions, but there are probably separate rules for teachers. I recommend contacting the program sponsor who issued your J-1 visa.

  • Hi Mario,
    I have a question for you. I work as a lifeguard on WAT program and my sponsor organisation is WISE. I have problems with my pool company. Me and a friend of mine came together and they promised us we will live together but it is one month and a half and haven’t seen each other yet. The second problem is that the patrons on the pool don’t want to follow the pool rules and they put all their anger over me and they are thretaning me all the time and humiliate me. On the top of that last week there was a murder in the building I work and live. So I talked with my supervisor I want to move to different place but they said this is impossible. I don’t feel safe any more and I want to move to a different company and place. Do you think WISE will allow me?

    • Hi Niky. Sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact WISE immediately; they are there to help you. Let me know what happens.

  • Julie
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario
    I have a question regarding the j1 visa. I have been an au pair in the US but my program got cancelled so I had to leave after 9 months. I wish to go back as an au pair again (because I had problems with the host family and would really like to be an au pair at a nice place!), but can I ever obtain a j1 visa again? And if so, when?
    Thank you for taking your time to answer

    • Julie, if you ended your program on good terms (and your sevis record was “ended” and not “terminated”) then you should be able to obtain another J-1 visa. Good luck!

  • Robin
    5 years ago

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me out with a few queries!

    I was working in the US on a J1 visa but I’ve now left the company and my visa has been cancelled without prejudice. Will I be allowed to stay in the country and change my visa to a visitor’s (B2) visa, or do I have to leave anyway?
    Do you think it would be possible for me to go to Canada for a couple of days and return as a regular tourist? In this case surely I wouldn’t need a visa at all. I would be entering the country as a regular holiday gooer?

    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


    • Robin, any time a J visa is ended before the scheduled program end date, the J visa holder must leave the U.S. “immediately”. You can return to the U.S. but be sure to have proof that you will leave again after your vacation.

  • JPronek
    5 years ago

    Mr. Jannssen,

    My Russian fiancée overstayed her J-1 30 days past her grace period, then went back to Russia voluntarily. We are now applying for a K-1 fiancée visa. I have two questions for you. Was her visa therefore “canceled”? (this is a question on her K-1 visa application). Secondly, are we likely to be denied a K-1 visa for a past J-1 overstay, if it is under 180 days (that would incur a 3 year ban, I believe)? Any comments would be helpful. Thank you!

    • I am not sure how to answer the question on the K application. It is also hard to predict whether the K application will be denied. I suppose it depends on the reasons for overstaying. Be prepared to answer those questions during an interview.

  • Valentin D'Orbieux
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario! I’m on a 18month J1 trainee visa, and at the end of my first 6 month I will have finished the work / project that I was hired to work on.

    I do not wish to stay in the company on another project because they have no relation whatsoever to the field I came to train in (which is listed in the DS7002).

    I’m in great terms with my current employer, and I wanted to know if under those conditions there was some chance that the program sponsor would allow me to transfert my J1 to another host company, provided I find one that can offer me training that match with the one described in the DS7002.

    If it is an option, how should we (me and the host company) go about it ?

    Many thanks!

  • Sanju
    5 years ago

    I came to US on a J1 visa for research scholar and it is valid up to December 2015. But unfortunately funding for my position which is funded ran out and now my contract with the University ended by June 30, 2013. But the university has extended my contract for another three months on a limited funding and have an extension up to September 2013.

    This new development compelled me to return to India, my home country on July 2 2013. I am planning to work from India till Sept 30, so that finances can be managed. I want to know whether there is any problem in staying away from US for 3 months when on J1 Visa.

    I am trying get my J1 sponsored by another institution and continue in US. I am even ready to change the nature of my Visa/job if recommended. I have 2 year residency. Please advice me

    I am happy provide further information if needed

    • You can normally not be out of your program for more than 30 days. Check with your current sponsor for details.

  • Hi Mr Mario. I’m J1 visa holder. I got terminated from the Program several days ago for not reporting to my employer as soon as I arrived the USA. My sponsor company told me to leave the country immediately in 30 days, But I had booked my ticket for September 22. I wonder if you could tell me whether I can stay in the USA till September 22. Also Can I participate in the SWT program next year or does it have any negative impacts on my next visits to the USA?
    Thanks in advance. I appreciate your time for my issue.

    • Hi Adam. J-1 visa regulations state that you have to leave the U.S. immediately if your program is ended. If your program sponsor “terminated” your sevis record (versus “ended” your sevis record), then you may have issue with future visa applications.

  • Hi Mario,

    I’m a J1 visa holder and my program isn’t working out as planned. I want to leave the program but then come back to travel around the USA. How long should I wait after returning home before applying for the waiver program in the UK?

    • Hi Lisa. I am sorry to hear your program is not working out. Have you contacted your program sponsor? They are here to help! Once you return to the UK, you can return to the U.S. almost immediately, just make sure you have a round trip ticket to show that you intend to leave the U.S. again.

  • Alexis Montas
    5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Mario Janssen,

    I am currently in the USA under a J1 visa with the 2 years rule. I am doing a Master’s Degree. The program is not what I expected. My sponsor is covering me tuition, but they are not covering me many things that they told they were going to cover. I talked to them and they are not going to help me through this.

    For this reason I am spending a lot of my money and I need to cancel my J1 visa and just return to my country. After I cancel my J1 visa, Will I have to follow the two rule?

  • Zinho
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario,

    You are doing a wonderful job my friend. Thank you.

    Well this is my problem. We are on a J-1 visa, and our job was in New York City, but some things we’re not respected from our sponsor, as housing and job and after a month there we decided to leave and go to Philadelphia. Than they notified us that they will terminate our visa and be deported? Can that really happen, or they are just bluffing. And yes if they terminate our J-1 programe, can we apply for B-1 touristic visa? Or meanwhile we apply and they terminate it, will it have effect on the outcome of the B1 visa?

    Thank you

    • Hello Zinho. I am sorry to hear your program in NYC did not work out. You cannot leave and go somewhere else without approval from your program sponsor. Yes, they can terminate your sevis record. If this happens, you must leave the U.S. immediately. If you still stay here, you will be here illegally. No chance of getting a B visa. The better option is to communicate your concerns with your program sponsor. Remember they are here to help you. Let me know how it goes.

  • Haxide
    4 years ago

    Hello Dr. Mario!
    I am on a J1 program and my Visa is expiring in the end of august 2013, but my DS-2019 expires only in July 2014. I work in a University. Is that OK to stay in the USA as long i don’t leave the country ?
    Thanks for your help;

    • Yes, once admitted on J status, you can legally remain in the U.S. until the program end date on form DS-2019.

  • daniel
    4 years ago

    hello i am on j1 visa status i left my job with my sponzor ang go to work in another place in another state my sponzor find out about that and i need to go home now but i want to know what will happent if i continue to work till my visa expired and then go home do they can make me another problem pls write me becouse i want to stay till my visa expired

    • Hi Daniel. You can only change employer with approval from the program sponsor. If your sponsor has terminated your program, you must leave the U.S. immediately. If you stay, you will be deemed here illegally.

  • Barbara Mendes
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario, I went to USA in Au Pair program and i withdraw of the program after one year an four months, I had 5 months left on August of 2011. I went to live with an american and we tryed to work thing out, but it didnt happen. He kept saying we would get married and fix my status but never did. I left USA on May of this year. Am I 10 year banned from going back? If I try a tourist visa will anything goes wrong? I dont require 2 year home stay and my I-94 was D/S nobody took it or stampped when I left. I left the country on my own, never got in trouble and paid taxes when I was on exchange program. Thank you!

    • Hi Barbara. You overstayed your visa which is a serious offense. I am not familiar with the exact details of relevant immigration laws. I recommend you research the subject on your own or contact an immigration attorney.

  • Herome
    4 years ago

    Hi! what if i want to quit my internship program and transfer to another establishment. I have some problems from my present employer, like living in an island is so expensive. and our house is too far from work which my HR told us that its just 5 mins. away from home. but he lied to us.

    • Hello Herome. If the host organization cannot provide training as outlined in form DS-7002 or if there are other serious issues, then your program sponsor can approve a transfer to another host organization. Please contact your program sponsor to discuss the issues and let me know how it goes.

  • Sophia
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario. I was in the states on J1 visa as an exchange student. I came back to my home country earlier because of the family issue. My coordinator told me that he is going to terminatr my sevis record because I did not notify him and failed the class because I didn’t show up.
    Is this gonna affect me to travel the states in the future? I am planning to visit my relarelatives living in the states for a month in t his winter. I don’t need any types of visa in order to travel the states because the states and my home coutry had an
    agreement. Is there any possible way that my status can be recovered?

    • Sophia, check with your program sponsor if they “ended” or “terminated” your sevis record when they terminated your program. There is a difference between the two options: terminating a sevis record can jeopardize future entries into the U.S. If they terminated your sevis record, ask if they can correct the record to show it was ended.

  • Hi! A friend of mine did some work from overseas for a US company that is interested in bringing him on J1 visa to their company. This previous work done for them would be looked badly upon the J1 process? Would the sponsoring agency discard this process due to previous work done between the two parties?

    • It depends on the intention of the host organization. If they want to hire your friend to fill a job position here, then the J-1 visa is not the right option. However, if the host organization is interested in hosting your friend as an exchange visitor and provide on the job training that will help his career overseas, then the J visa may be an option.

  • vicky
    4 years ago

    currently i am in my second host company in J1 visa. Can I transfer to some other company if I get good training and good pay, right now I am getting very low. My question is how many host company can I transfer in J1 visa

    • Your visa program sponsor may allow a transfer under certain circumstances. Better pay is not one of them. Please reach out to your program sponsor to discuss any concerns you have with your program, they are here to help!

  • Cathy Baldwin
    4 years ago

    HI there,
    I am about to leave to the US from the UK to complete a fellowship in a US think tank for an initial 3 months on a J-1 short-term scholar visa, a time frame of my own devising, so if my host organisation is open to it, I will extend to the full 6.

    My question: whilst searching for a placement from my home country (the UK), several other organisations also offered to host me too and I am interested in possibly persuing one of these placements on a longer basis after this short term one, possibly as a specialist on the 1-year visa to have a more extensive experience of working life in the States. I am self-funding my current fellowship so funds limited me to a stay of 3 and max 6 months, whereas one of the other potential parties has offered to apply for grant funding to have me for a a longer stay. I realise that I will need to return home after my short term scholar visa, but would I be able to apply for the specialist visa afterwards to return to the States to do a second placement a month or two later?
    I am not subject to any residence requirement or bar.

    Thank you very much.

    • The scholar program is not my area of expertise, but I believe you should be fine applying for the specialist visa after you return to the UK.

    • vicky
      4 years ago

      Thank you Mario

  • Jayed
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario!
    I heard that J1 visa for USA from Bangladesh is terminated or closed, so i just wanted to know that is it the right information or not?? I am really interested to apply for J1 visa from Bangladesh. Anyways, It would be very helpful for me, if you could let me know about some valid information regarding this J1 visa.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Mario!
    I have such question. My J1 visa was terminated yesterday and application status is terminated, i will leave country in 5 days, my sponsor said that i can leave as soon as i can. Im not going to take part in this programm anymore. But will this situation influence if i will play green card lottery or will come on working visa in US? And what about EU countries? will i able get visa there?
    thank you very much, will wait your answer,
    best regards

    • Lana, it depends on the circumstances of your termination. If it was for serious reasons, your sponsor may have “terminated” your sevis record. If they “ended” your sevis record then it does not have an affect on future U.S. visa applications. I am not sure about EU countries.

      • thanks for answer, so if sevis record terminated, how long i cant reenter US? and its influence on all visa applications?
        best regards,

  • Ion Bizgu
    4 years ago

    I had some of the difficulties with my manager at work so I decided to quit the job,, I did inform the sponsor about this, and I didn’t show for the last 2 weeks after I sign the 2 weeks notice, now, the 2 weeks expired, and my CIEE company is declining the sponsorship of my visa based on violation of the contract, although the primary contract was violated by the employer in the first place, by changing the starting day.

    I can not leave earlier then 14 of Sept., I can not change my flight date so I want to know, what will happen if I will stay by the 14 of Sept. (although I have my sponsorship just by the 21 of August) then leave to my country, what will happen in airport, what will happen if i would want to come back again in US.

    • Ion, I am sorry to hear about your situation. Please make sure to discuss your situation in detail with CIEE. You cannot overstay your visa.

    • vignesh
      4 years ago

      my host organization said to me that 30 th of august would be my last day to work, they do not want to continue with me, they asked me to work on week ends and on late night, so directly said no and I can only work for 40 to 45 hours as placed in my Ds form. so they informed to my sponsor about it, I came here for marketing and right now I am doing recruiting even that i did as they said. now my sponsor said that I have to leave before 7 th of september. I tried to explain the situation. I mailed the daily duties I performed which clearly proves that I am not doing anything related to marketing. what should I do now. please give me some suggestions

      • Vignesh, I am sorry to hear about your situation. Your program sponsor may be able to offer a transfer, depending on the exact nature of your case.

  • charikha
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario!

    I am a physician in training on J 1visa(7 yr valid with 2 year home country rule).I started on my J1 visa on July1,2009. Due to maternity leave and related extension,I had to delay my fellowship completion during the fourth year of my J1 sponsorship.(finished program Aug 1,2013 instead of June 30,2013)

    Further I have a contract for a new fellowship for the next 3 years at another program with a 1 month gap in between(my current fellowship ended Aug 1 and the next one begins Sept 1,2013). I am still in the country (30 day grace period) however with a gap in training and processing my DS 2019 for the next 3 years.

    My questions
    1. I am trying to start earlier than Sept 1,2013 with the new fellowship as ECFMG did not want a gap in training. Is my current stay violating visa requirements (though I am in the 30 day grace period and processing my next DS 2019 as soon as possible)

    2. ECFMG tells me now that they can sponsor my visa until a maximun of 7 years which would be until June 30,2016. I still would have 2 months of fellowship left after that to graduate. What are my options at that time. What if my new program refuses to offer another visa like H1B to complete my fellowship requirements. Can I apply for an extension beyond 7 years with ECFMG.

    FYI my husband is a green card holder and can apply for citizenship early 2016.
    Iam worried that the new program may not honor my contract because of the visa issues.

    What are my options. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Charikha. The rules for physicians are difference from Trainee/Intern. I am sorry I can’t answer your questions. Please check with your current program sponsor.

  • David
    4 years ago

    Hello there Mario ,please i have got a question. so i was on J1 and i left the US after the end of my program, however i return to the states a tourist and now my former J1 sponsor is giving me another J1 appointment and he said that i will need to travel out of the states to get a new J1 stamp.. Do you think i can go to mexico to apply for the renewal of my old J1 visa while im currently on a B1 status?

    • David, the Department of State highly recommends that all J applicants apply for their visa at a U.S. consulate in their home country. Check back with your current sponsor, but it is not likely that you will be approved for a J visa in Mexico.

  • hello mr mario janssen,
    I have such e question.What will happen if i don’t pay my rent for 6 weeks ago and leave the housing because i have troubles in my country with bank and here in US they want me to pay 140per week which is redicilous i think?? I am J-1 student and my sponsor don’t know that i think to do this. Is he possible to terminate my DS-2019 form and send me home or give permission into my bank account/ paychek somthing like this??
    thank you beforehand

    • Pavcho. I am sorry to hear about your situation. You should not skip rent payments. Whatever your problems are, you should follow through on your obligations and try to work something out with your landlord. Please contact your program sponsor, they will be able to assist you.

  • renee
    4 years ago

    Hi there. If my son was approved for a j1 visa and then decided to leave the program.sponsor due to conflict of placement can he apply for a f1 visa and pay full high school costs if he has somewhere to stay? Does the school have to be sevp regisyered and if they aren’t how difficult is it to do so

    • Renee, your son can leave the program, but please make sure he communicates his concerns and intentions with his program sponsor. The U.S. school has to have a designation from the U.S. Department of State to sponsor foreign students. Applying for such designation is a lengthy process.

  • hi!
    Am grateful i found this site. I do hope you can help me with this. I am on a j1 teacher exchange visa and i arrived US last feb 2013. A month later i found out i am pregnant. It is not a planned pregnancy.When i informed my sponsor they want me to go home after end of school year. However, i was not anymore allowed by my doctor to travel due to complete placenta previa and gestational diabetes. They said my program has ended and in over stay now.I send them all medical notes of the risks but they still want me to go home. Can they end my program due to pregnancy? I do remember signing a doc on terms and condition that they do not want pregnant women to partixcipate in the program. I signed it in my home country. Am i now illegal here in US?? Can i change program sponsor? Was the doc i signed in my home country valid here? I paid for the insurance but they nrollled me for just 3months and now am paying for my personal insurance.What are they liable of in my current condition?
    hope to hear from u. thanks!

    • Lou, your J-1 visa program sponsor is responsible for your safety and well-being. If you are not allowed to travel, your program sponsor should not end your sevis record. Your program sponsor needs to report your case to the Department of State so that a resolution can be found for your situation. Please let me know how it goes.

  • Sir,
    I am on j2 visa. my wife came to USA on j1 through an agency and is working for state department of education and I am on J2. My agent lernt from here and there that I ( j2) am trying to look for a job and converting my j2 visa to H1b. He informend me that he is obliged to inform the state department to cancel my J-2 that is currently in the database. Can some one cancle my j2 visa for the reasson that I am looking for h1B sponsorer? If it happen what are my options .
    Thanks in advance.

    • Mike, as a J-2 dependent, you can apply for work authorization. Just google the subject and you should find details.

  • Arkadiusz
    4 years ago


    I was “work & travel” prticipent with J1 visa. I got fired from my job so my sponsor is gonna end my program and my visa earlier. I know that i have to leave USA immediately and I talked with my sponsor an they told that i have to leave usa within 7 days. I also have my B1/B2 visa and im from Poland and I want to stay longer in USA so I’m thinking about going to Canada for one day and then re enter to U.S. Is it possible to do it or will I have some difficulties to re enter to USA.

    • When returning to the U.S., you will have to be able to convince the point of entry officer that you are entering the U.S. for tourist purposes.

  • Morgan
    4 years ago


    I am currently just about to begin the fall semester on my J-1 student visa unfortunately though I have just been informed that I failed a subject at home thus resulting in me no longer meeting the academic requirements. I met them when I was first accepted however now I am being told that My program will most likely be terminated. Whilst this not ideal my major concern is whether I would be allowed to apply for a new J-1 camp counselor visa for next june as I have a job lined up already and had planned to leave the us to re-apply after after I finished in may. Will I still be able to apply for this visa or will the 10 year ban come into play?

    • Hi Morgan. You should be able to apply for another J visa in the future. The J-1 student visa getting cancelled now should have no effect on a Camp counselor visa next year.

  • I’m currently on an au pair program with an agency/sponsor. For some reasons, my host family and I decided to go on rematch, the agency helps me to find another host, but my time is finishing soon, so my DS will terminate. The visa J1 terminates too? Even though it says it expires in 2017?

    I have another US Citizen families interested in me working with them as a housekeeper and nanny outside of my agency/sponsor… Can I apply for a visa status for a B1 for housekeep/nanny? Is that possible? I don’t want to stay in the US illegally

    • Hi Sol. This post explains what documents determine your legal status. Your J status ends when the “program end” date on your DS-2019 is reached. You cannot work as a housekeeper/nanny on a B visa. You can apply for another au-pair visa in the future. Check with your current program sponsor for details.

      • Thanks Mario for your reply.

        What happens if the sponsor/agency don’t find another host for me? They “terminate” my sevis and leave me a bad record or they just “ended” it?

        Because certainly I shouldn’t have any negative influence in my visas record. I asked for my visa J1 with the purpose of staying a year, be legally here, etc.

        Could I have any problem to enter again as a turist or renovating my tourist visa?

  • Mario thank you so much for the great answers,I find it pretty funny that we almost have same question but different situations.i was also an au pair and finished my year successfully,then I had renewed my stay for another year.we are talking about a j1 visa,I’m not subject to a 2year rule according to my passport.

    I ended my programmer because I was in a bad situation and my agency did not do anything to help out,I was ask to exit the house by my host family,then I moved to my boyfriend and informed the agency,it came to my surprise that thy told me that If I left the house they will cancel my visa and I have to leave immediate after I told them what happened.

    So here is the headlines,I told them that I’m not planning to go back but working on getting a student visa,since I didn’t even have money to go back home,it was a bad situation thank god my boyfriend was there with me.but I couldn’t afford study here and I’m still in the states and we are planning to get married in 2weeks after being here illegal.

    Will I have problem filing for a citizenship later or even traveling out of USA?
    What is the fine for overstaying,will I go to jail ?
    We spoke to the lawyer and he said I can quit and stay illegal but not more than 6month.

    • Hello Lucy, sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, your questions fall outside the Trainee and Intern areas of the J-1 visa program. Discussing your case with an attorney is a good idea.

  • Erika
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario!

    A month ago my J1 program was terminated by my sponsor, nothing serious, I didn’t make a good match with my ex host family. I’m currently in Mexico, where i’m from (i left the country inmediatly). Anyway, I didn’t handed in my I-901 form, instead I handed in my DS 2019 in the airline. I wonder whether if I need to change my visa status (to b1) soon (and how soon) so that I can keep a legal way to re-entry if I want to or if I need to wait til my visa got cancelled because of the time or sponsor or sth (how much does it take that?) I’m not planning to re-entry the country soon, I just ask because I guess I have more chances to get my status change approved by doing so than by starting again the visa process next year or when I want to go as a turist. Which way is better for me?

    Thank you

    • Hi Erika. When you left the U.S., your J-1 status automatically ended. There is nothing you need to do. If you have a valid B1/B2 visa in your passport, you can travel to the U.S. Once you enter, you will be admitted on B status.

  • Geri Jacobs
    4 years ago

    I am from Belgium and I am here on a J1 trainee visa, and am very interested in future full-time employment in my host company. They already offered me a position in the company. What do I have to do so they can hire me full-time after my J1-visa term is over?

    • Geri, the J-1 visa regulations require that you return home upon completion of your program. Once you have returned to your home country, you can pursue other visa options.

  • Hello! I’m on J-1 visa as a trainee for 6 months now and the lenght of my exchange is supposed to be 18 months. My company was acquired for another company and they are not following my placement plan/job description. I’m olny doing clerical work and I’m afraid they will terminate my program because the new owner doesn’t have interest of having a trainee. I talked to my sponsor and they told me I’m not eligible to transfer for another host company but they couldnt explain me why – even knowing the I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do – they said the only way will be come back to Brazil and request another visa for another program. I dont have the 2 years requirement and my category is business. Do you know why I cant switch companies? And also do you know if the company can fire me for not reason other than not having interest in having a trainee? Could I change sponsors while I’m still here?

    • Hi Ana. Unfortunately, the host organization can terminate the training at any time. If/when that happens, I would expect your program sponsor to allow you to transfer to another host organization. There should be no need for you to go back to Brazil.

  • Indah
    4 years ago

    Hello Mario, Is there any possible way to determine if your j1 visa has been cancelled without asking your sponsor? thanks.

  • Nelson
    4 years ago

    I was under J1 visa and i have completed the two years in my country already, What can I do to apply for a visa and what kind? Will I have any trouble doing that? Also I’m married to a US Citizen and we have a son? What is the easiest way to go with my family to the United States?

    • Hi Nelson. Your question goes beyond the scope of the J-1 Trainee and Intern program. I recommend that you reach out to an attorney.

  • Hey Mario, I was a J-2 dependent for over a year and separated from the primary J-1 holder. She left the US soon afterwards and as such her programs sponsors terminated the SEVP record. I had already done a COS to H1B before the termination so was able to remain here. Its two years later and I am about to go and get the H1B visa at an embassy. Firstly is there likely to be a problem with this set of circumstances considering I was in legal status the whole time (No 2 year HRR) and secondly the visa forms have a question about having had a previous visa cancelled or revoked. Do I need to declare the termination in this category as it was a SEVP system termination rather than a termination of the Visa itself? Just don’t want to raise any red flags.

    Thanks for your help

  • Hello Mario,

    I have a question. Currently I am on J1 exchange visitor visa. Recently I got an offer from a big place. They are also willing to offer me a new DS 2019. I am also planning to get married to my fiancee who is also on J1 and living in that same area. But my current supervisor is not accepting this transfer and threatening me that she is going to terminate my current J1 visa. Regarding my financial support, I got a scholarship from my home country and everything else is on my own expenses. I hate the way she is dictating me now. I want to move to that new offer. Need your advice. What should I do?

    • Teja, J-1 Trainee and Intern programs are subject to conditions of Form DS-7002. While the “site of activity” of a J-1 visa program can be changed, it is normally not done for reasons of receiving an offer elsewhere. You committed to training at a certain host organization. You can always reach out to your program sponsor to discuss your concerns.

  • Cesar
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario, i am currently on a J-1 Research visa. I am applying to a 5 year medical training program which is under the J-1 Clinical visa. Will i have any trouble with this transition? what should i expect or prepare for?

    thank you!


  • Hello, I’m a J-1 visa holder, I was told my internship was terminated today.
    I just want to know will the termination leave some bad record in SEIVS system that will impact my future graduate school application? This is my biggest concern.
    And as for my situation now, if I still want to travel in United States, am I allowed to go to US Consulate in Canada to get a visitor visa and come back? I have a valid Canada visa and there’s no two year rules on my J-1 Visa.
    Thank you so much!

    • Mel, I am sorry to hear that your program was terminated. If your program sponsor “terminated” your sevis record (versus “ended” the sevis record) then you may have an issue with future visa applications. Check with your program sponsor. They will also be able to help with the travel-related questions.

      • Thank you for your answer Mario!
        My supervisor is currently not in office.
        I know when J-1 visa holders be terminated they have to leave US IMMEDIATELY. But they arrange me 30 days to stay in US, does this mean anything? Like they didn’t terminated my record?

    4 years ago

    Hello Mario, I want to ask you, i know that i can not have another job besides the host job under the J-1 VISA, what are the consequences if i decide to have another job with my J-1 VISA?

    • No other employer can hire you as the J-1 visa is issued for the site of activity listed on form DS-2019. It would be illegal for any other company to hire you. Your visa will be subject to termination.

  • michelle
    4 years ago

    good day mario

    my j1 visa got terminated on tuesday. I know from reading all the questions that i am supposed to leave immediately but while i was an au pair i started studying at a university and was planning on changing to a f1 visa. Would i still be able to do so? and also what is the time limit on when i have to leave?

    • Michelle, I am sorry to hear about your visa terminating. Please reach out to your program sponsor, they will be able to assist.

  • Hi, after having some difficulties I decided to leave the J1 company I was with and then I contacted the CICD and decided to look for another company. I didn’t and decided to leave the country. After going back home however the issue with my J1 company was resolved and I was wondering if I can go back and continue my training program with them. I left the US on Friday and it’s been only a day now that I’ve been back now.

    • Hi Rob, it depends on the situation. Please reach back out to CICD immediately to discuss. They will be able to help.

  • Mike Hendrikse
    4 years ago

    My daughter is currently in the USA on a J1 VISA. Her sisters companion has been very seriously injured in a car accident and therefore my daughter would like to return home for four weeks to support her sister. Is this allowed under a J1 VISA?

    • Hello Mike, J-1 visa regulations allow for brief interruptions of training. I recommend that your daughter reach out to her program sponsor to discuss. They should be able to assist.

  • Hi Mario,

    I am going to finish my PhD and already got a waiver for the two years requirements from the department of state because of my country problems right now. I am about to get a full time offer here in USA, do I need to go out of country to change my sponsor for the J1-visa as I have one year after graduation that I can work in USA before I apply for H1b. Note that my waiver was based on persecution.

  • Yasmin
    4 years ago

    Hello sir mario..
    Have a nice day…I ask about the problem of my one of friend,she’s pregnant for almost months so she decide to abortion about situation for illegal having a baby in this place and one thing she’s scared she’s caught of the act she’s a pregnant..so she decide to termenation her pregnancy…
    She’s always ask to me if she’s safe if she’s going a new medical for visa for new employer…so can I ask your opinion sir mario..this her situation I’m worried too..
    What she do she’s going home to her country or it she’s ok she’s accept that her new job?…
    Please advise me so I explain to her what she’s do after…
    Tnx and have a nice day all….

    • Dear Yasmin, I am sorry to hear about your friend’s situation. I recommend that your friend discuss her situation with her good friends and family. It is really important that she talks to people who are close to her. There is no need to be afraid. She should also discuss the pregnancy with her J-1 visa sponsor and host organization. They are here to help her and want to make sure she is OK! Please keep me updated on the situation.

  • Aaron
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    My friend was on issued a 5 year J1 but he left the program in a year and is out of the country for good 8 months now . Is the 2 year home rule still applicable to him,he is planning to reapply for new F1 visa as he has admission for PHD program. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

  • Pedro
    4 years ago

    Hi, Mario.

    First of all, thank you very much for your assistance.

    I am a doctor who got accepted into a training program in New York on a J1 visa. Because of personal reasons, I am leaving my program. I will not be terminated. I choose to leave the program and it will happen at the end of the month. And because I did not complete my training, I have to leave the US immediately.

    My plan is this: I will leave immediately but go to Canada where I also have a visa and then re-enter the US after a couple of days, now on my still valid B1/B2 visa.

    Do you think I will still be permitted entry to the US? I have to come back because I have to settle my rent, get rid of my furniture, go to California, experience Thanksgiving, say goodbye to relatives and go back to China from there.

    Is this a good idea or should I just go back home straight?

    Thank you.

    • Pedro, you should return home upon early withdrawal from the program. If you decide to return to the U.S. on B1B2 status, you will have to convince the port of entry officer that you will leave the U.S. again.

  • Flame
    4 years ago

    I am Flame. I have a question regarding my J1 program. How about if my sponsor has some problems with my host company and they ask me to stop working with my host company.But, I still have 1 more month to complete my program.So, Is it possible for me to continue working to complete my training plan as the expiration date that shows on my visa and ds-2019, I mean am I legally to continue working to complete my training plan, even though my sponsor ask me to stop working?

    Thanks so much

    • Flame, I recommend that you discuss the situation with your program sponsor again. You should be able to complete your training program.

  • Michelle
    4 years ago

    Good day Mario

    I would like to know if they can change the status on your DS 2019 form. I was working as an Au Pair and the family terminated my contract with them. I will not be leaving the States as i will be getting married next week. Will it affect me in the long run if i have to apply for my immigration papers if they changed the DS 2019 form?

    • Hello Michelle. I am not sure how your status if affected when you get married. Just be sure you don’t run into any unexpected issues, I recommend contacting an attorney.

      • Michelle
        4 years ago

        My DS 2019 will expire in April 2014 but because i am no longer working as an au pair the agency said that they will change the status on my form. I just want to know if they can do that?

  • Daniel Haines
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    I was recently terminated from my 1 year internship that expires in June 2014. Is it possible to return to my home country and comeback one I have secured a new position in the United States or would I have to end my contract and return to my home country without the possibility of returning?


    • Hello Daniel. Sorry to hear about your termination. Whether you can potentially return to the U.S. on another J visa depends on the reason for termination. You will also likely have to reside in your home country for 2 years. See this article

  • Neil Netanel
    4 years ago

    A colleague worked in the US on a J1 visa and then returned to his home country upon expiration of his J1 visa. Can his J1 sponsor pay him for the work he did while in the country on a J1 visa now that he is no longer in the country and no longer has a J1 visa? Or must the sponsor pay him while his J1 visa is still in force?

    • Hello Neil, good question. Once the J leaves the U.S., he is no longer on J status can no longer be paid as a J-1 visa holder. There may be other ways to pay someone (ie as an independent contractor). Check with a tax adviser.

  • Hi,

    I will be going on a study tour for 10 days with USAID funds. I was told that I should get a J1 visa. I was also informed that with a J1 visa it is obligatory to return in your country immediately and you can not go anywhere (for work) in two years.
    Is there a way to pay back the cost of the trip and then make your own decisions about where to work and live?


    • Edli, I recommend that you check with your program sponsor about restrictions to apply for certain work visas.

  • Aydin
    4 years ago

    My wife has an J2 visa in USA. University’s insurance requirements are greater than federal government’s requirements. Can university apply additional requirements on government’s. If I buy an insurance which includes federal government requirement’s, can they cancel my wife’s visa?

    • Hello Aydin. J-1 visa regulations require certain minimal coverage. Sponsors are free to require any coverage as long as it meets those minimum requirements. Failure to meet the sponsor’s program rules may result in termination of the visa.

      • Aydin Eresen
        4 years ago

        Firstly, thank you so much for answering my question. However, I’m confused a bit.
        Is the sponsor my university or the company which pays my expenses?

  • Ramon Garcia
    4 years ago

    Hi, Im a j1 visiting scholar I, What is the procedure to cancel the status earlier?

  • Loren
    4 years ago

    Hi, last year i applied for J1 summer work and travel program and fortunately i passed. Now i planning to apply again with the same sponsor Or should i say same state i went to. Would it be possible to go back to the same sponsor or same state you went? Thanks

  • Julie Nguyen
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    I really appreciate your time to answer our questions.
    I have two questions:
    1. I got academic training starting from Sep1 2013-Dec 31st and my sponsor has issued new DS2019 as well as work authorization. However, at the end of Sep. my employer rescinded the position due to lack-of-fund. So as I understand, I am not maintaining my status? What can be done to amend this? Do I have to leave the US immediately? Does it affect my future re-entering US later? My husband is soon a green card holder and my son is here. I am depressed now that I may not able to come back if I leave.

    2. I want to pursuit a second degree. Unfortunately, the school said they have closed application for I-20 since Oct 1st. That means I can not get in for Spring ’14 and only can get in for Fall 14. Since my son is still too young, we do not want to bring hime back to my country now. Can I apply for a B-visa while still here to wait for the F1 visa in Fall 14?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Hello Julie, please reach out to your program sponsor to discuss your J-1 status. It is important to ensure you have valid status. I am not sure about the F-1 situation, sorry.

      • Julie Nguyen
        4 years ago

        Thanks Mario,

        Do you mean that I am out-of-status now? I am worried that if I contact my sponsor now, I have to leave immediately.

  • Simon Rosenberg
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    i have a serious issue arising during my current 12 months J1-trainee program here in the US. Since now 6 months I am with my host organization. Unfortunately severe troubles in the company arose, which will shortly lead to a termination either from me or my employer. What will happen, after the program will be terminated..when I have to leave the US ..I would love to look for another host organization and then conduct a visa transfer (that should be possible, as I heard). But as a matter of course I still need some time to look for the new organization here in the US. So probably every day, the program is not terminated yet, is another chance to look for the organization as long as my visa is still active.

    Second question I have: Once the J1 visa will be “deactivated” after termination, is it still possible to do a visa transfer?

    regards and many thanks for all your efforts in advance

    • Hallo Simon. I am sorry to hear about your situation. It is very important that you discuss your situation with your J-1 visa sponsor. They are here to help you! Once a program is terminated, you have to leave the U.S. immediately. Once again it is crucial that you speak with your sponsor. Please let me know how it goes.

  • Rowen
    4 years ago

    Hi would it be possible for a j1 to apply a green card during my stay in US, and how is that?

    • Rowen, the Department of State J-1 visa regulations require that all J participants return to their home country upon completion of the program.

  • Milca
    4 years ago

    Hi Sir Mario,

    I am a J1 visa holder and I purchased a one-way ticket for my 6-months internship in CO. My fellow trainees said that it is alright to purchase a one-way ticket according to the pre-departure orientation that they attended. In case if I am interrogated by the immigration officers why I bought a one-way ticket, would it be fine if I presented my training plan indicating my stipend and that I am capable to purchase a ticket back to my home country and my certificate of enrollment since I do not have any proof of financial status (banks, etc…). Can you also give the do’s and don’ts while having conversation with a US immigration officer so that I may know what will I say. Thank you very much.

    • Milca, whenever possible, I always recommend purchasing a round trip ticket. A U.S. immigration officer will want to make sure that you intend to leave the U.S. upon completion of your program.

  • Cristian
    4 years ago

    Hi, my J1 visa expired on 30 oct with all the 30 days period to travel, i just wanna know if i m able to travel by plane in U.S ! Thank you!

    • Hi Christian. Yes you can travel by plane inside the U.S. Where do you plan to go? Have fun!

  • Varsha
    4 years ago

    I was on a J1 but decided to quit my internship early ( notified all my managers and the host site 2 weeks in advance) and left the united states within a few days of this.
    I am reapplying for a visa this time an F1. Do you think it would be a problem for me to obtain a new visa?

  • Hi Mario,
    My fiancée was sponsored with a J-1 visa in a Charter School on August 2012. Unfortunately the school was very problematic academically and administratively, she resigned May 2013. She was not able to find another job in the school district so she left the country and the visa was cancelled a couple of months later.
    We submitted an inquiry which was received on August 5, 2013 by the State Department – Advisory Opinion, regarding if she is subject to the two year restriction. As the DS-2019 form said she was “Not subject to the two-year residence requirement”, but her visa on the passport says she is subject to the “two year requirement”.
    We are getting married next year and I would be petitioning her, but we are not sure if the two year restriction still applies and if it would interfere in the process although it has been cancelled.
    Any guidance or opinion on the matter would be truly appreciated!!

    • Hello Luis. The passport visa is the overriding document. I recommend you seek legal advice. Good luck!

  • Hi Mario,
    Was reading through your blog and I truly appreciate the help you provide .
    I have a few questions to ask you and would be in debt if you could answer them.
    I am in a residency program on a J-1 visa , unfortunately I might be headed towards a termination from this place. This might happen in the middle of Dec sometime. What options do I have to stay legally in the US?
    I do have a valid B1 , can u exit and then return on the B-1 ?
    Will filling for a HARDSHIP waiver help at this point ?
    Thanks a million !

    • Hello Ali, I am sorry to hear about your situation. Generally speaking, once the J program is terminated early, the J visa holder must leave the U.S. immediately. I recommend that you discuss the situation with your program sponsor and see if they can offer a solution. You can return to the U.S. on a tourist visa, but a port of entry officer will ask you why, how long, the purpose of your visit, etc.

  • Hi,
    I am currently working as postdoctoral fellow in US I entered on J1 VISA and my contract was for one year.
    But I have to return home before finishing this 1 year.
    Can I re-enter in US on different VISA (say h1 or green card) or under same VISA say J1 for a different employer.
    Thank You…

  • Pedro
    4 years ago

    Hello, I am 27 years, I finished a j1 program in hospitality 3 months ago which was for one year and now am back in my country of Portugal and I am currently looking to go back to work in the USA in hospitality. I have spoken with immigration attorneys, however they can’t find a solution for how to come back to the USA and work in hospitality and even most hotels I have contacted don’t sponsor foreign workers. I would like to know what should I do? I have 4 years experience in hospitality and a MBA in international hospitality management, and I was looking to stay and work in the USA longer than one year. Thank you

  • Islam borinca
    4 years ago

    Hi i was in usa this summer and i had problems with job caus we wer thirsty and we drink beers but we dint know that and they fired us si later or sponsor sent usa in other place but it was so terrible with people who smok wed and i didnt stay and my sponzor terminate me ?but my ticket was till eight september in i bak in that day so i wana ask u can i go again ? Or no chance for me to go again

    • Hello Islam. It depends on whether your sponsor “ended” or “terminated” your sevis record. Based on your question, your program sponsor probably ended your program, so you should be fine.

  • Hi, I started an 18 month J1 training program in June but due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to leave the US after only 3 months and my sponsor couldn’t reinstate me later on.
    I was wondering if I need to wait two years before I can apply for another J1 visa.
    I’m not subject to the two-year rule but I read that when it comes to back-to-back J1 visas for trainees you need to wait two years even if you’re not subject to the rule.
    Could you please tell me if that is true or can I apply straight away.

    • Hello Sam. Check with your program sponsor, they may be able to offer another Trainee program.

      • I spoke with the sponsor but they weren’t able to help me. I don’t mind applying for another program but I was wondering if I have to wait for two years even if I’m not subject to the two-year rule.
        I was on a J1 trainee visa and I want to get another trainee visa, I’m not subject to the two-year rule.
        Do I still have to wait two years before I apply again?


  • Hi Mario ..so i have been terminat almost 2 months ago ..my school closed thats wyh i terminated so i mean this not my fault .i got the new i20 from another schooll but sevis gave me answer negatif ..and also i have a contest about beauty pageant on january can they help me ? I mean if they be sponsor ??? Thanks

    • Hello Eda. The new school should be able to transfer your sevis record from the previous school. Please reach out to your new school and make sure that your sevis record is active.

  • Hello, I was doing my internship in the states in 2012 using a J1 visa and left the country end of June 2012. I am originally from lebanon but right now i am working in saudi arabia. Does the 2- years restriction still applies even if i am not currently living in my home country so that i can re-apply to the states in 2014?

    • Hi Zi. 212(e) does not apply to J visas; if you would apply for an H, K or L visa, then 212(e) applies. There are different rules for repeat participation in the J program, see this article.

  • Mugilan Poongkunran
    4 years ago


    Need suggestions:

    1. I am currently on J1 short term research scholar visa in USA which is ending in December, with no 2 year home country rule. Before coming on this, I had a valid 10 year B1/B2 visa. Will my B1/B2 visa still be valid after my J1 ends, so that I can come to USA anytime ? or-else Is there a need to go again through visa interviews to get a valid B1/B2 ?

    2. Is there a possibility to terminate my J1 visa in the middle of completion, get back to India and come again to USA on B1/B2 without any issues like, the reasons for J1 termination.

    Awaiting your valuable inputs. Thank you.


    • Hello Mugilan. The B1B2 visa is separate from the J visa. Once you leave the U.S. (at the scheduled program end date or sooner), you can reenter on B1B2 status. Just make sure the B1B2 visa has not expired (check the expiration date on the visa). Simply having a J visa does not invalidate the B1B2 visa.

  • Loren
    4 years ago

    Hi just want to ask again. I join the 3 months SWT program and during my 30 days grace period. I applied for a 6 months tourist visa and been approved but then during my first month I decided to go back in our country. Can i still go back to USA if I just stay in our country for just two weeks.

  • Abdul
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I just want to ask regarding to my situation:
    – I have J-1 visa and it’s valid until Aug 2014 but I’ve submitted my resignation to my sponsor on Nov 15th and I’m still in US and I’m planning to leave on Jan 3ed 2014. My questions are:
    1-Am I legal to stay until that day?
    2-How can I know if they terminated my J1 visa? and how can check my visa statues online?

    • Hi Abdul. If you end your program early, your program sponsor will end your sevis record. After this happens, you must leave the U.S. immediately. There are no exceptions.

  • Tanya
    4 years ago

    I currently left usa from a j1 visa on good terms and on the right time . Ihave not got the two year restriction. Can I apply for a different visa and return back now

  • Hey Mario. We have a pretty urgent situation with my student in Kentucky. She is doing this through EF. My high school student on a J1 visa studying at a local high school. Problems arose with the first host family she was staying at and so she requested for a transfer to another host family. She was then put in a new host family. My student was then accused of having bulimia by the first host family and sent to the ER to be assessed. The evaluation by the psychologist was that she might have bulimia nervosa. The parents were contacted but they believe that the information is inaccurate and requested for another assessment with a translator in fear of her misunderstanding of the questions being asked. But the request was denied. They have been in constant communication with her new host family and they haven’t seen any of the problems the first host family was alleging. To make a long story short, EF booked a flight for her to fly back this Thursday.

    How should the family proceed? Who can they contact? The family is right now scrambling to find a way to have her stay there get this problem resolved before she is sent back. Additional information, we are Taiwanese.

    If you could please please give us some advice as to where to start and what to do. Thank you.

    • Eric, it is crucial that you communicate with the program sponsor. They will be able to assist.

  • Hello, good day! Now my J1 visa application is under administrative processing. I find I’ll be most likely subject to the 212(g) two-year requirement if my visa is granted. Hence, I want to withdraw my visa application. Is a withdraw possible? Does a successful withdraw mean that I do not have to follow 212(g)? Alternatively, if my J1 visa is granted, saying that I’m subject to 212(g), but if I never use it to enter US, does this indicate that I do not need to follow 212(g)? Looking forward to your answers!

    • Dear Wang, please communicate with your program sponsor about withdrawal from their program. They will be also be able to answer questions about 212(e).

  • Hi
    Mario, Thanks for helping people.I was in USA on j-1 visa as a teacher from aug 2013 and i was granted visa for threee years and it says 212(e)applies. i worked at schol and after three months they said they do not need me and i started looking for another teacher job but my sponsor cancelled my visa and told that she has not put any remarks or bad remarks and simply said prorramme ended or canceled and she told that i can come back through another sponsorship from another agency and i do not need to stay in my country for 2 years ,do you think that i that they are true and i can come back in 2014 to another school through another j-1sponsor.

    • Hello Raju, unfortunately, I am not completely familiar with the rules for Teachers, sorry. I recommend contacting a sponsor that has a Teacher program and check with them.

  • rajesh arora
    4 years ago

    I am Rajesh arora and my j-1 visa was cancelled by my sponsor company as i moved from one school to other as a teacher because my earlier school said we do not want you on my j-1 visa stamp it says 212 e applies but my sponsor said i can come back to USA if i get sponsored by another agency and i do not need to stay for two years in home country my visa was for three years from 19th august 2013 to 19aug 2016 but i lost job in thre months can i come back in 2014 i got another sponsoring agency who is ready to sponsor my j-1 teacher exchange visa

    • Hello Rajesh. I am not familiar with the rules for J-1 Teachers. I recommend reaching out to a program sponsor that has a Teacher program. They will be able to help.

  • Dear Mario,

    I’ve been granted a J-1 exchange student visa and the semester is from Jan-May. The requirement is to complete 6 units of coursework. Classes in the university are offered from Jan-March and April-May. I will be able to finish the 6 units by march and want to pursue research / travel in other states. Will my visa be terminated after I finish my classes or is it legal to do research and go to other states after my classes. Thanks!

    • Hello Capi. Check with your program sponsor for exact details about what you can and cannot do on your J-1 visa. I hope that you will have a great experience in the U.S.!

  • Hello!
    My program/J-1 VISA expired on December 13th. I do have a 30day grace period but what would be the last day I am allowed to be in the country ?

    Also, out of curiosity, if I remember correctly, nobody checks your papers when you leave the country. So what if I choose to leave the country 50 days after my visa expires? What issues will I face?

    thank you

    • Hello Pan. A J-1 visa holder who successfully completes their program is entitled to a 30-day grace period. This time can be used for travel. Entry and departure from the U.S. is monitored by the Department of Homeland Security. Overstaying is a serious offense.

  • Dear mr. Janssen.
    I have j1/trainee visa, that doesn’t allow to have a second job. But I figured it out after a week working on second job and had a paycheck, when I wrote my sponsor to inform that I found a second job. I just didn’t mentioned that I’ve already worked there for 1 week. Now I have worries about termination of my visa. I’ve already quit that job, but could you please tell me if my sponsor company can find out about it, do they have access to my social security information? Is there any warnings before visa termination? And if the second employer may have troubles because of hiring j1/trainee visitor.
    Thank you.

    • Rick, the J-1 visa allows you to train at only one host organization: the one listed on your form DS-2019. It is not legal to be employed at another employer. Please contact your program sponsor to discuss this situation.

  • Hi, Mario! Thanks for being so helpful here!

    My fiancé was on a J-1 visa as a research scholar on a PhD program. His home country funded him. He was let go from the lab before completing half the program, and he then overstayed.

    Does the 212(e) residency requirement still apply to him since he didn’t finish the program, or does the requirement “kick in” from the first day he arrived in the US? Thanks!

  • I am a J1 visa holder and I graduated this December. I am back in my home country now and planning to visit my sponsor in February. My visa and DS 2019 both expires on June 30, 2014. Can I still use my J1 visa to enter the US again?

    • Lira, if your J-1 visa was terminated then your SEVIS record was inactivated. In that case, you cannot reenter the U.S. on J status. You could apply for a B1B2 visa, which would allow you to enter the U.S. as a tourist.

      • How do I know if they terminated my J1 visa? I called my former school and they said my SEVIS is active. Does it mean that I can use my j1 visa to travel so I can check another school in US with my sponsor?

  • Julian
    4 years ago

    I have a rather unique situation. I am on J1 visa with a sponsorship from my university and I work at the university as a research assistant. My research is being funded by a private company. So basically the company pays some grant to the university so I can do some research for the company. The company is very happy with the work I have done for them and ask me to seek to possibility of transferring my J1 visa to the company, so they can sponsored my J1 visa and pay me directly, instead through a grant scheme..Is this something that can be done?

    • Dear Julian. I recommend that you discuss this situation with your current program sponsor, they will be able to assist.

  • Charif
    4 years ago

    Mr. Janssen,
    I greatly appreciate all the help. My situation is kind of unique.
    I am in the first year of my fellowship training (My DS-2019 expires in June 30th). I have another legal status that I will stay on it if something bad happen to my J1 status and this status is called TPS (Temporary Protected Status) which allows me to stay and work
    in the country exceptionally because of the war in Syria.
    I am going through huge financial difficulties because my family had to leave Syria because of the war.
    I am planning to leave my fellowship program now and go to work. Is there any difference if I leave my program right now or in June 30th (when my DS expires)?
    Thank you so much for the help.

    • Hello Charif, I recommend that you contact your current program sponsor for guidance. When you end your J program, just make sure that are indeed on TPS, you don’t want to be out of status.

  • I have the following question: my J-1 visa/DS-2019 for a postdoc position at my university covers a 2-year period until end of June 2014; my professor told me shortly before christmas that he cannot fund me anymore after the DS-2019 date. Now I have received a “termination letter” from him, stating that I will have to go by April (not due to bad performance, but due to expiration of funding = he failed to get a new grant). I have assumed that my funding is supposed to be “guaranteed” for the period covered by my DS-2019. Is my assumption incorrect?
    My second question is: as a J-1 visa can last for up to 5 years, and I have so far only stayed for 2 years, is it possible to start a new position elsewhere in the USA for 3 more years?
    Thank you very much in advance for your advice!

    • Hello Nick, I recommend that you contact your current program sponsor, they will be able to help. You can potentially transfer the J visa, but only your current program sponsor can assist you with a transfer.

  • Post Doc Fellow
    4 years ago

    I am on a J1 visa. My current contract ends on April 2014. I might not continue in my current lab and I am looking for other labs in the US. In case I do not find a lab, can I return to USA on a J1 visa if another lab is interested in taking me once I leave to India after April.
    Any information will be helpful.

    • Hello Raj, I recommend that you check with your current program sponsor, they should be able to help.

  • I am undertaking the J1 program at the moment and recently acquired a job. I filled out the necessary paperwork and gave it to my employers for them to do their part. About two days later they told me they had filled out the paperwork and it was taken care of, so I begun working at the job from my designated starting date. Rather stupidly and because I was having issues with my email account, I didn’t think to check for an email of approval from my sponsors. As such I have been working for a few weeks and am now not sure if the job has been vetted – I assume this is grounds for termination?

    • Hello Tom, you cannot start training or change host organizations without approval from your program sponsor. Please contact them immediately to explain the situation and to make sure you are training at an approved site.

  • Andrea
    4 years ago

    Hi, I am leaving my J1 program one month earlier than what stated on my DS2019 for personal reasons. Will I stll have the grace period of 30 days to leave the US?

    • Andrea, J-1 participants usually are not granted the 30-day grace period if they leave the program early. Check with your program sponsor for details.

  • So I am having a bit of a visa issue – nightmare, i feel very on edge about the whole thing.I am currently on the J1 1 year internship program.

    My visa sponsor will not approve my training plan (DS-7002) because my supervisor listed on my training plan, is not giving me day to day supervision as we are in different locations. According to my sponsor, I should be in close proximately to my supervisor thereby getting needed training and supervision. My sponsor was not in favour of this current situation were my host company has placed me in a project at a different client location with a daily supervision at this other company. I did ask them if my supervisor with the host organisation and I could contact each other daily via video conference but they do not approve of this also.

    Currently, my sponsor has stated they do not approve the plan unless 1) host organisation member, who could be my supervisor is moved to client location to supervise me 2) I move to host organisation offices and support client remotely. I am not sure that either of these are a possibility.

    So now I am working towards changing my host company to the client, them hire me directly as an intern. However time is not in my favour (I have been here 6 months) in these big organisations. I called my sponsor today to update them on the status but they didn’t give me much feedback or advice, and stated to me that i am close to getting removed from the program. I am trying my best to get things sorted but I feel I am not getting the support and guidance I need from my sponsor. I am very frustrated and would be devastated to be removed from the program.

    Please advise me, i am desperate

    • Hi Lola. Sorry to hear about your situation. It is important to understand that the objective of the J Intern visa is for you to receive on the job training. You must receive training at the site of activity listed on forms DS-2019 and DS-7002. You cannot train at another location, ie at a client. You must move back to your host organization immediately before your sponsor ends your program. Next, you should discuss the remainder of your training with your program sponsor and host organization. If all parties agree to a transfer of site of activity, then your sponsor can coordinate the transfer. Best regards.

  • Bryan
    4 years ago

    Last summer I was on a J1 to New York. I was told my visa would be terminated if I did not sent in the form from my employer on time but she sent it in herself on the date it was meant to but I never heard from CIEE for the rest of the summer? Does this mean my visa was terminated? Because I was planning on returning to NY this summer and I don’t know if I’ll be able to if it was terminated?

    • Hello Bryan. The only way to find out if your program was ended early or terminated is to ask your previous program sponsor. Also ask them if you can participate in another program.

  • Sandra
    4 years ago

    Hello Mario,
    I am about to get a J1 Visa for 12 months. My question is if I can switch to another company when there is a better opportunity (e.g. better compensation, fits better to my field of study etc.) for me and get another J1 Visa. I know that I have to leave the US for the application period. But does the cancellation from my side mean that I cannot go back anymore at all? What is the minimum period I have to leave the country?

    My goal is to start my vocational career in the US and I don’t want to wait that long between the J1 and a work visa. Could you please tell me if it is possible to get a work visa after a J1 visa and what time period I would have to leave the US for?

    Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

    • Hello Sandra. While on a J-1, you cannot switch to another host organization for the reason you state. Once you complete your J-1 program, you are required to leave the U.S.. Once you return to your home country, you can pursue other visas.

  • Kitija
    4 years ago

    Hello, I am planning to apply for J1 visa to do an internship in usa after my first semester which is five months. I am studying Tourism and Hotel management via distance learning. My questions are can I apply for Internship J1 visa after five months studying which is one semester?And do i qualify if my studies are online?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Kitija. See this article for eligibility requirements. The school where you study must be post secondary; you must be enrolled full time. With online courses, that is probably not the case, so you would not qualify for the J program.

  • Hello Mario,

    My visa is j1, trainee, and it will last until early of April 2014. (The two-year rule is applied to my case.)Then I will travel around for another month as it is allowed for the visa. This means that I will be back to my country,Thailand, in May 2014. My question is that is it possible to come back to USA again with B1 visa in June 2014 because I want to come back to participate in a training? Is it gonna be hard to get the B1 visa immediately after I go back to my home country?

    Thank you,


    • 212(e) does not apply to B visas, so you should be able to return to the U.S. on B1B2 status in June 2014. Just make sure your visit and activities in the U.S. are allowed under B1B2 status.

  • Hi, I am doing an internship and I already 7 months here in the USA but it has been so hard for me to get used to the city and the program. I have been thinking to finish the program early. I already have a tourism visa, so my question is if I finish early, I know they are going to cut the J1 visa but Can I stay around 2 weeks with my tourism visa? and if I finish early does it have a repercussion for future visas?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Gaby, I am sorry to hear the program is not working out 100%. Please be sure to discuss your concerns with your host organization and program sponsor. They are here to help you! If you do leave the program, you have to leave the U.S. immediately. You can always return on tourist status, but you must leave the U.S. first, so that you will no longer be on J status. Leaving early should not have a negative effect on future visas. In which city are you located?

  • Abdul
    4 years ago

    Hi, I was in the sate with J1 visa then I left last October after I finished my training.
    My wife still in the states with J1 visa ans she will finish her training be the end of July.
    Now, I want to return to the states to visit my wife.Can I apply for B1/B2 visa instead of J2 visa?

    • If you just want to visit you can apply for a B1B2 visa. If you plan to stay until the end date of your wife’s program, then you can apply for J-2 status.

  • Philip
    4 years ago

    Hello, Mario!

    I have a question regarding J1 intern visa.

    Last summer, I participated in the summer work and travel program. I decided to end my program earlier than the DS 2019 end date. After I got home I informed my sponsor organization and they changed my status to “program has been early ended”. Now I want to apply for a J1 intern visa. When I fill in the DS 160 form, how should I answer the question “Has you previous visa ever been cancelled or revoked? The fact that I ended my program before the official end date, does it mean that my visa has been cancelled?

    Thank you very much in advance! 🙂

    • Philip, I am not familiar with the details of form DS160. When you go to the consulate for your interview, be sure to explain the circumstances of you leaving the program early.

  • Hi I am Islam, i was in usa and i wrong smth, and my sponsor withdrwa me but i back in Kosovo in the same date when i had in visa the last day, so when i back i talk with my sponsor and they give me a certificate for completing succesful and understanding me…..so can i aplly agan for coming in usa ?

    • Hello Islam. You can participate in additional training or intern programs if you meet certain requirement. They are outlined in this article.

      • Hi I wanna ask you is the same withdraw from program and programm ended,and i was withdraw from my sponsor,and they said to me to back , but i stayed in USA, till i had the date on my J1 visa, so when i back in my contry i talk to them and i hav the document for succesful completing , so my others qyestion is when u have succes completion does it mean , no probem for future enter, and the withdraw is fixed, in sevis from sponsor?

        • Valdet, if a program is ended early, the J participant must leave the U.S. immediately. If the sponsor terminated your program, then you may have issue with future reentries.

  • Hello Mario,

    I am currently on a J1 visa and just started my internship. It turns out that the host company is totally exploiting their interns. I am supposed to be in the office from Monday to Friday 9-5. The host company also wants me to receive work related emails and calls on my cell phone and my private computer at home 24/7. They want me to answer all calls on weekends and even in the middle of the night. They also want me to answer every email within 20 minutes no matter what time, weekday and even on holidays. Is that legal???

    So basically the task of “being on call” is delegated to me and the other intern. My DS7002 clearly states that I work 40 hours a week. The training plan has in general pretty much nothing to do with what is actually going on including tasks, as well as learning and cultural experience. The icing on the cake is that the host company claims to have 15 full time employees whilst in real life it consists of the owner and two interns.

    I am sure that under these circumstances I can get a transfer. Now, I would like to know how that works. Do I have to find another job on my own or will my Sponsor, CICD, help me find something? Will I have to pay for a transfer? How much time do I have to find another host company? I am afraid if I tell my Sponsor now that they will give me a sharp time limit and I can’t find another host company that quick and will be terminated. I really have no idea…will they give me a limit of 3 days, 3 weeks or maybe 3 months? Do you think it is better applying for other internships now and telling them once I found something? Mario whatever information you can give me I really appreciate it! I know I have to talk to my Sponsor but right now I am not informed enough and I really fear the risk of being terminated.

    We also would like to know if the host company will face any legal actions if we report this to our Sponsors? Will they be allowed to get new interns?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hello Coco. I am sorry to hear about your situation. The good news is that your program sponsor CICD is here to help you. Please reach out to them immediately to discuss this situation. Please write me back if the situation is not resolved soon.

  • Nerijus
    4 years ago


    Is it possible to participate in J-1 visa program for the 2014 summer, if SEVIS record was terminated due to failing to complete monthly check-ins?

    Are there any possibilities to check your status, if you can still go to USA?

    Thank you!

    • Nerijus, if your program sponsor “terminated” your sevis (versus “ended” the record), then you may have issues applying for other visas. Check with your program sponsor.