New DS-7002 deadline: April 1

Background info

Form DS-7002 (Training/Internship Placement Plan) is the Department of State form that must be executed for each Intern and Trainee program.  The form states the specific goals and objectives of the training and internship program and details the knowledge, skills, or techniques that the Trainee or Intern will acquire. A copy of Form DS-7002 needs to be presented to a consular officer (along with Form DS-2019) at the time of visa application.

New Form DS-7002

The Department of State recently released a new version of form DS-7002, version 01-2013. New items on Form DS-7002 01-2013 include questions about the host organization’s worker’s compensation policy, number of full-time employees and annual revenue. The new form also includes an extended contract agreement between the host organization, trainee/intern and the program sponsor. Finally, the new form requires information about planned participation in cultural activities and methods of supervision. A copy of the new Form DS-7002 01-2013 can be found here.

Deadline for using new form DS-7002

The Department of State requires that all applicants who apply for the J-1 visa on or after April 1, 2013 have the new Form DS-7002 01-2013. Until that date, either the new or the old version can be presented to a consular officer.

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