The J-1 Visa Explained (#36): Department of State Field Site Visits


1157579Department of State Site Visits

Last week, the Department of State notified sponsors that they will start conducting field site visits beginning this month for both Intern and Trainee participants. Department of State staff members may be visiting various host organizations across the country and may interview participants. The Department conducts these site visits as part of continued efforts to monitor the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program to ensure participants safety and well being.

A Department of State field site visit is an excellent opportunity to showcase the J program at your property. Many of you have hosted J-1 Interns and Trainees for many years and have established first class training programs. Form DS-7002 outlines the details of the program for each J participant at your property. We encourage you to review Form DS-7002 with your Intern/Trainee on an ongoing basis. This is also a good opportunity to highlight any cultural event that you host for your J participants.

We encourage you to reach out to your program sponsor with any questions or comments about the Department of State field site visits.

25 Responses to “The J-1 Visa Explained (#36): Department of State Field Site Visits

  • Vijay
    4 years ago

    I heard that J-2 dependants can join J1-visa candidate only after 6 months – 1 year later after J1-visa lands in US!

    Is it true ?

    Or can the spouse and dependants accompany atleast 2-3 weeks after the J1-visa holder steps into US ?

    let me know please

    • Dear Vijay, J-2 dependents can enter the U.S. together with the J-1 visa holder. There is no need to wait.

  • Dear Mario, how does a company can join the J1 visa sponsor programm? I am in contact with a BMW dealership that offered me a job but I would be the first trainee form them. So i am not sure if gettin the J1 visa is possible? Thanks Anja

  • Hello , i was withdraw from program, but i stayed in usa till i have the lass day in J1 visa, when i back in my contry i hade a conversation with my sponsor so they give me a certification for succesful completing , and they said to me you can apply agan! So can i do this, did they change thatt in my sevis and is the same ended and withdraw from program?

  • Hi Mario,

    Again my question is the same, I have j1 visa issued from india, where in my DS 2019 consulate has tick the First option : Not Subject to the two year resident requirement, whereas in my visa its mention: Bearer is subject to section 212(e). Two year rule does apply.

    Can US embassy do the rectification in the visa?? In future if i want to change my status from j1 to H1 visa…So i want to clear my papers for the future correspondence.


    • Dear Vinit, the DS-2019 only indicates a “preliminary endorsement”. The notation on the actual visa overrules the DS-2019. Keep in mind that the Department of State requires that all J participants leave the U.S. upon completion of the program.

  • Katrina Miel Buenaventura - Capili
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario.

    Im here in the philippines. My husband is a chef intern at The Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida on a J1 visa. He is also receiving stipend. His visa sponsor approved my J2 visa and issued me my own DS 2019, (is in transit. Expected arrival will be on Monday) and i have my own insurance as well.
    My questions for you:
    1. Is J2 visa hard to obtain?
    2. We got married 3 weeks beforw he left for the US and didnt know that a J2 visa exist. Will this be an issue with the VO?
    3. What are the important docs that I need to bring?
    4. Can you give me some FAQs during the J2 visa interview?

    I really want to be with my husband already. He needs me there. I want to be there to support him all the way.

    I hope to hear from you soon Mario.
    Thanks and Best Regards!


    • Dear Katrina, the J-2 visa should not be hard to obtain. We never know exactly what questions a consular officer will ask, but the main objective of the interview is to make sure that you plan to return home upon completion of the program. Good luck.

  • Farid
    4 years ago

    Still I have questions about this for the below section 212(e) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) provides that
    certain aliens admitted to the U.S. under INA 101(a)(15)(J) are subject to a two-year foreign residence and physical presence:

    I am an Afghan in 2010 I got J1 visa for (six months), then I studied some semester of Master of Public Policy Administration (MPPA) in Washington State University Pullman: Research Methodology, Administrative Law, International relation, Public Budget and I did defense of my thesis there too.

    Then I returned back to Afghanistan used my knowledge so far, through USAID projects in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, so far I got several serious threats from Taliban and some other parties that I working with USG projects.

    Then I applied for the Special Immigration Visa (SIV) program for Afghans. Recently the Administrative Process of my SIV case almost done, hopefully I will get visa soon after. Please kindly advise me for the above section 212(e), that my passport still have J1 visa, whether I and my spouse and kids (their Passports doesn’t have J visa) subjected for two year foreign residenc

    Appreciated in advance for your advice at this stage.

    • Hello Farid, unfortunately, I am not familiar with the exact rules for the two year foreign residence requirement.

  • Pradyumna
    4 years ago

    I got a internship as research assistant at “Harvard University”. I have “letter of invitations” and “letter saying about time period and stipend”. But Harvard is not sponsoring my J1 visa. Will HTP be able to sponsor me?

    • Hello Pradyumna. HTP does not have a designation to sponsor research assistant. Please see the Department of State website for guidance.

      • Pradyumna
        4 years ago

        @mario thanks, I’ve tried contacting interexchange but they replied saying that they dont sponsors programs at universities. This internship is really a very good opportunity for me and I want to find a sponsor organization desperately, I will be really grateful if you could suggest me any organization that could sponsor me.

  • Sissi
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    Thanks much for all your comments & help.

    I found myself in a very unfortunate situation. So now I am trying to apply for H1B, and just realized that I was subjected to J-1 2-year rule, and have only stayed at my home country for 1 and half year up to now. It looks like that I have no other choice but apply for a waiver. The thing is that I lost my ds-2019 form, and my previous sponsor was not a designated work&travel sponsor anymore so they couldn’t access to SEVIS & provide me a copy and any information on my ds-2019. I really don’t know what else I can do?

    Thank you!!

    • Dear Sissi. I would try to apply for the waiver without the DS-2019.

      • Sissi
        4 years ago

        Dear Mario,

        Thanks so much for your reply! I know that this is probably the only thing that I can do now.. but will this increase the chance of rejection on change of status?

        Thanks again!


  • aftab
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    Me and my family had stayed in Denver, CO, USA for three and a half years on J1 and J2 visa (From June 2010 – December 2013), respectively. We had recently moved to Greater Toronto Area (GTA) due to an intra-company transfer of my wife. My J1 visa had a two year home country requirement for which I received a waiver from my home country. We still have valid J1 and J2 visas and would like to visit USA. In this context, I would like to know that do we need to apply for a separate visitor visa or can we enter USA on J1 and J2 visa as those are still valid. Since I have a waiver now does that mean that J1 and J2 visa are no longer valid and we need to apply for a new visa.

    Please do clarify my doubts. Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.

    Aftab Taiyab

    • While you may still have J-1 and J-2 visas in your passports, they are only valid and accompanying form DS-2019 and sevis record. When you left the U.S. in Dec 2013, those records were ended. You will need to determine if you need to apply for a tourist visitor visa or or if you qualify for ESTA status.

  • Abdul
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,
    I am on J-1 visa it is about filed work program for 12 days.Now I would like to switch my J-1 student status to F-1 student status.
    I have a offer letter a valid i20 from a school.
    My question is can I make transfer/change of my status from J-1 to F-1 if yes then how to do that? or to whom I have to contact?


    • Hello Abdul. Please check with the school who issued the I-20 for details. They will be able to help.

  • V. Rao
    4 years ago

    I had entered US under the Exchange Visitor Program in April 2013 with J-1 Visa. My visa is valid till 30th April, 2014. However, I resigned from the program in Dec, 2013 and came back to my home country in January 2014. 212(e) applies to me. If I want to enter the US again under a new exchange program or job does the 2 year home country rule apply to me? Is a J1 or H1B advisable in that case?

  • Dear Mario,
    Last year I participated in the Work and Travel program, on a J1 visa, and I applied again this year but last week I got rejected because I was one semester late with school. My question is, how soon can I apply for an Au Pair visa (which is also a J1) and what are my chances of getting it? Being a full time student doesn’t apply in this program and I really liked the cultural exchange experience but I have no intentions of staying in the US after.

    Thank you, Dina

    • Dina, I am not familiar with the exact details of the J-1 au pair program. I recommend reaching out to an au pair sponsor. Here is a list of department of state sponsors.