U.S. culture (week 34): Bacon

HTP is committed to maintaining a strong cultural component of its J-1 Program and regularly publishes topics related to U.S. culture. This week, Program Manager Tina Hamilton cooks up a story about Bacon.

The aura of Bacon is in the air! As a staple item in the American kitchen, you’d be surprised to know that this American obsession is less than a century old. December 2012, the Huffington Post announced that the average American consumes 18 pounds of bacon annually. So, when did this obsession start?

In 1924, President Coolidge hired Advertising Guru Edward Bernays for his re-election campaign for presidency, shortly after Bernays was also approached by a leading pork distributor interested in gaining public interst in Bacon. Bernay was able to convince President Coolidge to host one of the first known “networking” pancake breakfasts, which included; you guessed it…. BACON. Not only did this help jump start the expansion of bacon into popular culture; but it also introduced bacon’s counter part, Eggs. Soon after, the average grain and fruit meal was out the window, and America was inloved with bacon.

Ever since the early 1900’s Bacon has exploded. By the 1950’s the US had nearly 3 million pork producing companies competing for the attention of the NEW American Obsession. During that time America hits BaconMania. Bacon begins to appear in all different foods and expands into merchandise including (but not limited to); bacon candy, bacon milk-shakes, bacon perfume, bacon soda, band aids that look like bacon, clothing, toothpaste and much more.

Bacon candy canesBacon candy canesBacon candy canes

A little much, right? Well just hold on and let me introduce bacon desserts. Bacon Brownies anybody? What about Bacon Weave Apple Pie (Two great American traditions in one!)? And lets not forget the Bacon Toffee Cheese Cakes! If you’re asking yourself how can I get a hold of these recipes, check out http://bacontoday.com/. Here you can see the American obsession with Bacon through recipes, products, merchandise and whatever else your heart desires!


Tell us what the strangest bacon product you’ve seen!

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