U.S. culture (week 40): Baseball and The World Series

ah-who-invented-baseballHTP is committed to maintaining a strong cultural component of it J-1 Program and regularly publishes topics related to U.S. culture. This week, HTP Program Manager Kira Udo talks about one of America’s favorite sports, Baseball.

This week is about Baseball!! This happens to be my favorite sport of all time! I love going to a game and having a ballpark hot dog, nachos, and an ice cold beer! Nothing could be closer to heaven. I’m also lucky enough to live in a city that is very supportive of their team..



Anyhow, while the origins of baseball started elsewhere, we in the US started the first “semi-pro national baseball clubs in the 1860s.” About 15 years later these teams banded together in what we now know as the “National League.” Then another 15 years later the National Leagues’ only successful rival the “American League” was born.

Baseball has evolved over the years; the rules have changed (only slightly), the fields have changed, and technology has taken hold.

There is a regular season, a post season (playoffs in each the National League and the American League), and then the World Series which is played by the winner of the National League and the winner of the American League.

Currently we are in the middle of the post season play off games. You can find the schedule here to see if there is a game near you. And when you decide to go make sure that you send us pictures showing your hometown spirit!

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