U.S. culture (week 46): Veteran’s Day

HTP is committed to maintaining a strong cultural component of it J-1 Program and regularly publishes topics related to U.S. culture. This week, Kira Udo discusses Veterans Day.

Veteran’s Day in the US is celebrated to recognize Veteran’s who served in our Armed forces. It was originally set as a legal holiday to honor Armistice Day; the end of World War I which originally took place on November 11, 1918. In the beginning it served to honor WWI veterans but later became a holiday to honor all Veterans in the US armed forces. As a federal holiday, most federal businesses are closed on the Monday prior to November 11. Veteran’s Day should not be confused with Memorial Day as Veteran’s Day celebrates men and woman who have served and Memorial Day celebrates men and women who have given their life in service to our country.

Veteran’s Day is celebrated throughout the US differently. For instance Macy’s has a “Veteran’s Day Sale” every year and many restaurants will give a discount to veterans and their families. There are “rising of the flag” services and small parades in some cities. But wherever you go there is a multitude of American’s showing their thanks to the veterans who have served and honoring their legacy.












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