U.S. culture (week 47): Drive-Thru Everything

HTP is committed to maintaining a strong cultural component of it J-1 Program and regularly publishes topics related to U.S. culture. This week, program manager Kira Udo talks about Drive-Thru’s and all the convenience they offer!

401-drive-thru-open-right-arrowThis week we are going to travel into the world of drive-thru’s (or drive-through).  While the drive-thru is now recognized worldwide, we American’s have capitalized on this concept. This week’s post will explore the more common drive-thru’s here in the US and then some of the not-so-common drive-thru’s you can find around the US.

It is believed that in 1928 City Center Bank in Kansas City, MO was the first place in the US to have a drive-thru (wikipedia). Now almost every bank in the US has a drive up teller window. (Side note: with mobile banking becoming increasingly popular the drive up teller is becoming obsolete.)

The most popular type of drive-thru in the US is the fast-food drive-thru. Fast food is very convenient. You can have dinner for the whole family in less than 6 minutes. However convenience comes with a high cost, your health. Most of the time anything you get from a fast food restaurant is high calorie, high fat and terrible; but oh-so-delicious. Fitness Magazine came up with a list of “healthy” options at the major fast-food restaurants here in the US. The article can be found here. Recently drive-thru restaurants have been the victims of some (really great) pranks. My favorite is of the “empty” car. You can find the video here.

We also have drive-thru’s where you can:

Get a prescription :

Pharmacy Drive Through_05300819

Buy groceries:




You can get married at a drive-thru…



And you can pay your respects to a lost love one:


But your drive-thru experience wouldn’t be complete without finishing your journey while “driving-through” one of these:


So that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to ell us what your favorite drive-thru is!






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