U.S. culture (week 6): Country Music

HTP is committed to maintaining a strong cultural component of its J-1 Program and regularly publishes topics related to U.S. culture. This week Program manager Kira Udo discusses country music!

country_music_1Country music is a genre of music that originated in the southern states in the 1920s. Initially country music was known as “hillbilly music” but after picking up some influences from western music, American folk music, and the blues, the name evolved into what we now know as country music.


Instruments of Country Music

Typically country music has guitars (acoustic and electric), drums, banjos, harmonica’s, mandolin, and piano’s/keyboards. Of course there are other instruments but those are the most prominent in traditional and modern country music.


First Generation

In the 1920’s Atlanta, Georgia, played a key role in launching country music’s beginning. During this time a great deal of people came down from Appalachia to work in the cotton mills and brought their music with them. Wikipedia says, “The first commercial recordings of what was considered country music were “Arkansas Traveler” and “Turkey in the Straw” by fiddlers Henry Gilliland & A.C. (Eck) Robertson on June 30, 1922, for Victor Records and released in April 1923.” These classics were recorded in Atlanta.


Sixth Generation

The pioneers of country music wouldn’t recognize what we call country music today. With a strong influence from rock music and a little bit of rap thrown in there country music is so diverse now.  There is certainly one song for everyone.


Country_music_hall_of_fame2Country Music’s Hall of Fame located in Nashville, Tennessee, and open to the public. From the Country Music’s Hall of Fame website, “Inside, the Museum presents the crown jewels of its vast collection to illustrate country music’s story as told through the turns of two centuries. A treasure trove of historic country video clips and recorded music, dynamic exhibits and state-of-the-art design, regular menu of live performances and public programs, Museum Store, on-site dining, and fabulous public spaces all contribute to an unforgettable museum experience.”
Read more: http://countrymusichalloffame.org/mission/#ixzz2sfr3xmSS

What’s your favorite country song?

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