Why do consulates reject J-1 visa applications?

When a J-1 visa sponsor issues a Form DS-2019 (“Certificate of Eligibility”) to a potential Intern or Trainee, the sponsor has determined that an applicant is eligible and qualified for participation in the J-1 program. It has also vetted a host organization and has determined that the proposed program meets regulatory requirements. But, issuing Form DS-2019 provides no guarantee that a U.S. consulate will issue the J-1 visa required to enter the U.S. While denials for J-1 Intern and Trainee visas are relatively rare in most countries, they do occur.

So how do U.S. consulates determine whether an applicant qualifies for the J-1 visa? When processing an application for a J-1 visa, consular officers consider various factors. The most important ones are:

Applicant’s intent to remain in the U.S. for a temporary, specific, limited period;
The burden of proof clearly is on the applicant. They have to convince a consular officer that they have no intention of remaining in the U.S. past the time allowed under their program. An applicant proves non-immigrant intent through responses to interview questions, explaining the nature of their program and how it fits into their future career plans

Evidence of funds to cover expenses in the U.S.;
Consular officers want to ensure that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover expenses in the U.S.. Applicants can evidence financial means through contributions from the sponsor and/or host organization (these funds will be detailed on Form DS-2019) and through personal financial statements.

Evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad
Consular officers want to ensure that an applicant returns abroad at the end of their authorized stay. Social and economic ties may include minor children; a large family; business ties; memberships to sports, religious or social associations; owning a business; longstanding employment; ownership of a house, car, etc.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, denials for J-1 Intern and Trainee visas are relatively rare in most countries. But U.S. Consulates will not issue a J-1 visa to anyone who cannot demonstrate strong home ties and presents an elevated risk of an overstay violation once inside the United States.

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  • Renee
    5 years ago

    I have worked twice in the USA on a J1 visa at a summer camp. I am in the middle of applying for a visa to get to the UK. If the visa to get me into the UK is rejected will that affect my chances of getting a J1 visa to work in my camp in the future?

  • Ahmed
    5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Mario,
    Thank you for the valuable information you have provided .
    i’m intending to apply for J-1 visa from Egypt next two months to pursue a practical traning in Telecom engineering as i’m electrical engineer.
    i still search for a good organization for placement and hosting .
    my Questions are :
    1- do you advice me with some places as i found many warnings on internet from being a victim of fraud after paying money to join their programs .

    2- if i don’t have much money in my bank account , do i still be able to claim the ability of cover expenses upon the paid salay from the training org as i found many places offer to pay around 1500 USD monthly while do the traning .
    ** i do intend to pay all tuition fees and accommodation before applying for visa **

    so do you think he visa will be denied ?
    i do appreciate any help and thanks for advance.

    • Ahmed, I cannot advise or endorse specific organizations, but I would be careful working with any organization that requires an upfront fee. You should only pay once you have received a signed copy of Form DS-7002. That will be the confirmation that a host organization in the U.S. has agreed to offer training to you. After that step, it is OK to pay fees for processing form DS-2019, sevis fee and insurance. Feel free to get back in contact with me if you would like me to review the organizations that you are considering. Best regards

  • Rashmi
    5 years ago

    Dear Mario,
    My husband is doing Phd In India and has applied for J1 and J2 visa. He is a visiting scholar at Penn state university. But in interview he was issued green pending letter. Its more than 3 weeks now, but still there is no update from consulate. We are quite worried as its getting tooo late for him to join the department at PSU. Can you guide how much time it will take more for visa clearance. and also are there any chances of denial ?? all his papers are correctly submitted and all social , financial and academic backgrounds have been cleared…..

    • Hi Rashmi, sorry to hear about the delay at the consulate. It is impossible to estimate the time it will take for the consulate to complete their admin review process. We have a candidate who has been waiting for weeks now. I recommend reaching out to the consulate every week or so to request an update. In addition, Penn State could inquire on your behalf.

      • Rashmi
        5 years ago

        Dear Mario, Thanks for your response…… Is there anything you can do to help us….. we are really very stressed and worried due to all such things…..

  • I have worked in 2011 under a J-1 visa.I got a job through a placement agency and the worst is that I pay top dollars for this organisation.I was Largely exploited and largely ignored by the company That I was working with(poor pay and no accomodation at all)needless to say It was impossible for me to finish my intership , Is was easy for them to take advantage of young unexpert foreigners but they couldn’t play with me since I am not that stupid , I talked with my placement agency and asked them to transfer me somewhere else or assistance with the accomodation but they were totally careless to help me even after paying a lot for this service.At the end the situation was impossible and I couldn’t work with those condition so I left I have no choice I couldn’t live under a bridge.Then I got A phone call from a relative who offered me a job in his company in a different city, I explained to him That I have this J-1 visa and he took it with no problems.I worked for his company for a while then I came back to my country on vacation and when I try to come back to the USA again my entry was denied.
    They realized that I worked for this company , I explained to them that I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was doing something against my visa , I even asked my relative and he said that the visa that I had was alright so his compony took responsabilty.No one really informed that I have to leave the country before so everything was done very innocently.I was treated very badly by one nasty official and he didn’t listen ,I’m not a criminal .They say that I can come back to the USA only with a visa so it looks that I wasn’t deported.My question is if I reapply again for a j-1 visa or even a tourist visa thourgh a different company how many chances do I have that the embassy wil provide me a visa?

    • Hello Fabrizio. I am very sorry to hear about your situation. Two observations: you can change host employers, but only with permission from your program sponsor. A new form DS-7002 will need to be signed and an amended form DS-2019 needs to be issued. Other issue: when you leave the U.S. for travel, your form DS-2019 needs to be validated for travel by your program sponsor. But most important, you have to communicate your concerns with your program sponsor. They have to help you and make sure that you have a good experience here in the U.S. If they can’t help you, you can always reach out to the State Department directly. Please let me know how we can help.

      • Thank you for reply,

        I Didn’t know all this this steps and frankly I went through a lot of stress , like I said I asked a transfer but they were not able to help me.

        I would like to repeat this experience with another sponsor.I found one that looks good.Like I said I was denied entry during my last trip to the USA , the officers gave some hope they said that I need to come back with a visa.

        How many chances do I have to get a J-1 VISA after being denied entry at the airport in a scale of 1 to 10?

  • Allan
    5 years ago

    Dear Mr. Mario,

    If the embassy grants me my J1 visa valid for 12 months am I entitled to have a multiple-entry within my said contract? For the reason that my host company will give me 2 months of vacation and I am planning to come back home during that time. Thank you and God bless!

    • Hi Allan, most J-1 visas have an “M” designation, which means multiple entries. Keep in mind that you cannot be out of training for more than 30 days.

  • Hello,

    I applied for work and travel student program in the US and Id like to know if grades have a big affect on getting the visa.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you in advance

    • Biba, each SWT program sponsor has their own rules when it comes to accepting participants. If you are concerned that you may be rejected, I would ask the question at the time of application.

  • Hi Mario , you have been doing a great job , your replies are worth appreciation and valuable. MY question is how much average salary/Stipend is paid to J1 Visa Trainee ,
    also how many chances are there for visa extension with the same employer.

    Warm regards
    Sagar Arora

    Keep up the good job

    • Hello Sagar, it all depends on the city/region of the country. Where did you receive an offer and what is the amount?

  • hi Mario, thanks for the help,
    I don’t have any rejection, I traveled to the US 2 times on B1/B2 and all my family members (mother brother,) we have multi entries, and never broke the rules and never are going to.
    I got an offer from Harvard school, as a researcher and they give J1 visa for scholars, I got married this year and have a child, the problem is that my husbands entire family is there (brother who once broke the rule but it was many 7-8 years ago and now he is already a citizen, and his mother and father, who won green card, and never broke any rule), my husband will come with me because I need someone close to take care of baby while I am working, and I am concerned they will denial husband’s J2 as a dependent and in that case I will not be able to go, becuase first I dont want my baby to be separated from father, and also I will need help there with the child. it sound illogical to me that they can massed up my career just because of his brother, which is currently a citizen with his own family. By the way my husband has been in US twice on J1 , and never broke the rules ,came back and still is here, but it was like 7-8 years ago, (actually he was traveling with his brother that time). please can you give me some info what to expect ? it is just a once lifetime opportunity and I am very stressed that that kind of things that has nothing to do with me personally can affect my situation

    thanks a lot for your time!


    • Hi Anna, congrats on your research offer at Harvard. It is very hard to predict whether your husband’s application for a J-2 dependent visa will be denied. You should make sure that your applications are processed at the same time. You should be prepared to convince the consular officer that you have no intention to immigrate to the U.S.

  • Tejas Mehta
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    I want to apply for an J1 visa as i got the confirmation from the Host company in US for a trainee program for 18 months and the agency where I am getting the visa sponsorship they will issue the DS-2019 form for me. Can you tell me generally how much is the wait time for J1 visa and do you I need to show my financial statement to embassy that I am sufficently funded before going to US.

    The agency is going to help me for the application process for visa, though if you give the brief description about the J1 visa application, that would be great.

    Tejas M.

    • Hello Tejas, it depends on the consulate. Different consulates have varying wait times, it would be best to check with your local consulate. If you receive compensation during the Trainee program provides then you probably won’t need to provide financial statements.

      • Tejas Mehta
        5 years ago

        Hi Mario,

        Thanks for the reply.
        I have checked with the consulate in mumbai where I am from, the visa wait times is generally 9 days.

        Yes my host organisation is giving me the compensation and just wanted to know what are the chances of getting J1 visa after getting the DS-2019 form. What does the US consulates checks for issuing a J1 visa. I am applying for a J1 visa in 2nd week of June, so I am doing some research on J1 visa and if you could help what are the questions they ask during the J1 visa interview that would be a great help.

        Awaiting for your reply.

        Tejas M.

        • It is hard to predict whether the consulate will grant the visa. They will most definitely focus on immigrant intent. If you can’t prove strong ties to your home country, they will likely deny the J visa.

          • Tejas Mehta
            5 years ago

            Thanks for the info, yes I want an experience in US so that I can make myself as a competitive edge in the job market in India.

            Can you help me with J1 visa questions please.

  • Daniel Quijano
    5 years ago

    Hi, I want to make an internship in the US that will be valid for college credit (it makes part of my academic curriculum, the period should be between 4-6 months and its a requirement to graduate). I am applying to all different companies, however I have this big doubt: are all companies able to issue a J1 visa? or only specific sponsors approved by the US homeland department, because if so, I would have been wasting my time wouldn’t I?. Also, what kind of documentation does the company need to do if they are not “official sponsor”.

    Thank you for the answer!

  • M Das
    5 years ago

    My B1 visa was rejected two years back from US embassy, New Delhi under 214(B). That time, I was a fresh PhD, working as a Project Scientist in an institute of national importance. I wanted to attend US for a conference; I also received travel grant award from the Indian Council of Medical Research but my visa was rejected twice. The VO told that I was young, unmarried and travelling internationally for the first time. So she was not convinced about my coming back. Last year, I have visited Canada in B1 visa for conference purpose and did not extend my stay beyond 10 days. Recently, I have got a post-doc offer from University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill and I am going to apply for J1 visa. I have enough funding from UNC@ 40K/year with medical and other benifits. Will my earlier B1 visa rejection affect my current J1 visa application? I am still unmarried but I have really no intent to settle in US as we have our own house in Calcutta and my entire family including parents and siblings are settled here. I am pretty confident that my academic and professional credentials will permit me to get a faculty job in India, once I come back to the country.

    • Really hard to say. I recommend bringing as much evidence as possible of home ties to the interview.

  • Hey Mario.. i would be going to virginia tech for summer internship… my start date was 25th may..but the process was time taking and now i would be able to schedule appointment on 28th may.. would the delay of few days in arrival be a reason for denial of j1 visa… i would greatly appreciate your help

    • No, that should not be a reason for denial. You have 30 days from the program start date to enter the U.S. Good luck.

  • liberty
    5 years ago

    I applied for J1 Visa , I was put on hold and was given a green form. And now that i submitted all the documents he wrote in the green form, I was refused. Is refused the same with denied? What will I do? Do i need to apply again or I just need to submit new documents?

    • It depends on the reason for visa denial. Can you explain?

      • liberty
        5 years ago

        I was asked to change the training plan, and so I did. Then after 3days, i was refused because I have found ineligible for a non- immigrant visa under section 214(b). My other classmates was approved and I was denied but we all have the same training plan. I already re applied for a second interview. I’m now ready, because i already prepared some proof that I’ll definitely come back after my internship. Will it help?

        • Yes, it should help. You may also try to explain that other classmates have been approved for the same training. Good luck.

  • Hi Mario,

    I have been in the US on an 18 month J1 visa, before the end of my working term I applied for a change of status to an R1 visa as my roles were primarily religious. After 5 months of living in the US (not working) whilst my change of status was pending, I have ran out of money and decided the process is taking too long. My organisation sent a notice of withdrawal for this which was received on May 20th…

    As the R1 visa has not panned out as I hoped, I decided that I wanted to do one final summer at the organisation I worked for, so I have a J1 visa appointment in London on May 29th. My question is, will the fact that my R1 change of status withdrawal is still pending at the USCIS, affect the outcome of my J1 embassy interview?

  • Amanda
    5 years ago

    Hi, I just got accepted into acting school/intern and would like like to apply for a J1 visa. But my problem is I was denied entry while on the ESTA and also denied the K1 visa later on for travel. They advised me it was due to inappropriate use of ESTA and stated on file that i was working illegally while on the ESTA. Are my chances of applying for the J1 visa ruined ? I havent applied yet just in case another denial will cost me from ever going back to the U.S.

    Hope you ca help with a reply, thankyou

    • Hi Amanda. Working illegally in the U.S. is a serious offense. You are probably not eligible to apply for a J visa.

  • does one need GPA for J1 visas. Also since I am doing a course can I work part time if I am on J1 visas.

    • Different sponsors may have various requirements, I recommend checking with the University where you would like to study.

  • Arvind P
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario,

    I m a student from France. I was doing an internship with a startup in the US on a J1 visa. But then i ended the program in 6 months (supposed to be 1 year) to pursue an exchange program for another 6 months in the US – q new J1 sponsored by school.

    Now, i m back in France and am i eligible to apply for another J 1 visa with the same startup to resume my training?

  • Louise
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario, could I get some advice please in regards J1:
    If I get the J1 for 3 months am I able to extend it for more time not leaving US? Or I have to come back and start the entire process again and pay all fees?
    What if my degree is in law, does it complicate things that US has different legal system and consul could view it as unnecessary experience that I cannot use when I come back?
    And last question: I am not orginally from this country I am living right now, I have graduated university here and my mother is back home in a different country, where should I apply for J1? From the country I am originally from or where I live now?

    Thanks for all your help!

    • Hello Louise, there are ways to extend a J-1 visa, but it is always better to plan a training program for the intended period of time. If your degree is in law, then you can certainly participate in a training program that focuses on U.S. law. The Department of State recommends that you apply for the J-1 visa in the country where you reside.

  • Franklin
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    I am a foreign student in Malaysia and i plan to go for an exchange program with Plymouth State University as the host university due to the M.o.U with my local university in Malaysia. In my DS2019 form states that i will sponsor my self during my stay and i have enough convincing amount in my personal savings acct to do so. while filling my application form for the visa i choose to enter as a student and not employed although i am a director in board of my family owned registered (company) business dealings.

    As regards to social and economic tie, since i didn’t highlight in the application form as employed while documentation proves i am. can i highlight that fact to the consular interviewing me that i hold a good position in this company even though i didn’t include it in my application form. what are my chances for my visa approval?

    when submitting my additional document, is it wise to present only my personal savings or can i include that of the company or parent as a support to mine.

    Thank you

    • Franklin, when interviewing with the U.S. consulate, your should answer questions completely and accurately. Don’t leave any information out.

  • Hi Mario
    Please I will be going for my j1 interview
    Next week and my job offer started on the
    17th June do I still have a chance of obtaining
    The visa since my job start date has passed

    • Yes, you can enter the U.S. within 30 days of the program start date listed on Form DS-2019.

  • Laurenne
    5 years ago

    Hello Mario,
    I had a J1 visa exchange visitor programm (french teacher in a french school) from sept 2009 to july 2012. I came back in France between july 14th,2012 and sept 5th 2012.
    I came back in NY the sept 5th with a student visa F1 which expires in oct 2013.
    A french school want to hire me in sept 2013, and i have MY DS2019 ready.
    I was wondering, if I go back to France to get my J1 visa, can the ambassy deny it?
    Can I have an other J1 visa for sept if my F1 is not finished yet?
    I am a civil servant in France and I will have my job when I go back in France, is it enought to proove that I don’t want to immigrate and that I will leave the US after my J1?

    • Hello Laurenne. It is hard to predict if the visa application will be approved. Remember that the J program is a “Educational and cultural exchange program”; it may be hard to prove that you need additional cultural exposure to the U.S.

  • Dear Mario,

    You infact provided a great deal of information. I have been offered a place in the research lab for 1 year and they will pay me 1500USD. Meanwhile when i am applying for the Phd same university. So, shall i discuss this during interview ?

    Moreover what documents are required? actually those people are still preparing the offer letter and therefore i want to prepare everything on time. Moreover i am currently working in Qatar which is not my home country so if i will apply from here will it affect my application??

    Do i need to show funds apart from what I am being offered?

    I will appreciate your help. I am new to this process.


    • Jhon, always answer interview questions truthfully and completely. Either the research lab will be able to issue paperwork or they will cooperate with a J-1 program sponsor.

      • Thanks sure I will do that. Can you please help me with the other questions that I asked above??

  • Hi Mario,

    My J1 visa was not approved yesterday, just wanted to know that my company is willing to support me to re-apply for the visa again. So what are the chances to get my visa approved in second attempt and I was rejected under section 214(b), I did not satisfied the visa officer so what I can do next to satisfy the visa officer.

    Tejas M.

    • Sorry to hear. It depends on the exact reason for not approving the application. It the reason was lack of home ties, then you will have to show closer ties to your home country and convince the consular officer that you will return upon completion of the program.

      • Hell Mario,

        Thanks a lot for your reply, but can you suggest me please what should I show as strong ties to my country like I have home loan on my name can I show that to the embassy and will that make my case stronger then it was.

        Please let me know, I am waiting.

        Tejas M.

  • Shiva Kumar
    5 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I am from Fiji and I am going for a J-1 visa interview next week. I won a fellowship in for 3 month leadership program in hawaii. Its a fully funded program, except for the visa application which i paid for. They give a allowance of $600 US for a month. I am very much reliant on that allowance. My bank balance is quite weak, and I do not hold any properties in Fiji. However, I am yet to complete my masters program next year. I lost a job due to natural disaster, and now I am a full time student. What are the chances for me to get the visa?

    Please advice quickly.


    • Shiva, congratulations on receiving the fellowship. It is very hard to predict whether the U.S. consulate will approve the J visa application, it is completely at their discretion. I wish you best of luck!

  • Adela Davila
    5 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I have a question: two and a half years ago I left the US after successfully finishing my J1 program for 12 months. I can say there was no problem with my employee at the time. Now I am currently in the process to apply for another J1 visa but I am a bit concern and here goes why. I was living with 2 other girls and we got a contract for electricity under my name and social security number , and we were paying regularly, but on the month 8 . we got a bill for more than a thousand dollars from the company, what they said is that each month they charge an amount (320 USD)but after the 6th month they will charge every excess used per month, meaning that if we spend more than that they just out of nowhere sum everything from 7 months!! it was ridiculous! since we dont even stay at home cause we were working all the time ans talking with other people they said we were just scammed by thhis company ,, since when getting the service they never mention it, nor it was in the contract. anyway i tried calling, and got so many answers from them , each time with different amounts, different outcomes of what would happen in the worst case scenario, I even looked for a phisical contact with them, went to the address that was on the bill ,,, called while looking for it , but nothing i could not get in contact with them. So I just cancelled the service , we did not pay for that amount and we got a new contract with another company, this time with my roomate SS. So I wonder what are the chances that now that i apply for a new j1 visa ,, the visa will be denied, i am very worried cause I know that this type of record is not good at all and i am worried that once in the interview they will see this. Could you please advice ??

    thank you

    • Hello Adela. If any questions come up regarding your credit history, please be sure to answer them truthfully. If you are able to return to the U.S., you should attempt to repair your credit history.

      • Adela davila
        5 years ago

        Do you think they will definitely be able to look at this through my SS ?? do they look at it when applying for visas ? what are the chances that they will deny the visa ?

  • Adam Jurdi
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario. I am on J1 and will be applying to a J1 waiver through a VA hospital. Since it is a lengthy process, I was hoping to leave the country on vacation for some time. What are your recommendations? How long can i stay outside the US. At what point of the process do you recommend I come back. I know it’s preferable to be back before the H1b is filed but do you recommend I come back earlier as i don’t want to jeopardize the process.

    • Adam, the question falls outside my area of expertise, the Trainee and Intern categories of the J-1 visa program. I recommend reaching out to an attorney, they will be able to help with waiver and H1B questions. Best regards.

  • Susan
    5 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    My husband applied J1 for him and J2 for me. Now it has been 5weeks I just got approved for my J2 visa but there is still no information about my husband J1 visa. we are pretty curious why my visa got approved earlier than him. Does that means his visa J1 will got approved soon ? please give us some advise as his work will start in 5 days.


    • Hi Susan. I am not sure why the J-2 was approved before the J-1. Did the J-1 come through?

      • Susan
        4 years ago

        No, we are still waiting for the J1, and it has been more than 75 days. The waiting is so frustrating. and we can not do anything but wait.

  • Vivek Nishad
    5 years ago

    I had applied for j1 DS 2019 visa but rejected because US consuler hav’t see my DS7009, Sevis receipt, Institute’s bonafide certificate and bank statement and he simply said that you you are not eligible. Now I am totally confused what to do know. please help me?????

    • Vivek, did the consulate give you a rejection letter and if so, what did it state?

      • Vivek Nishad
        4 years ago

        n the rejection letter it is mention that……you do not qualify for a student visa under U.S immigration law. All student visa applicant must convince the consular officer that:-
        1) they are the bona fide student and the primary purpose of traveling is to be the student.
        2) they have sufficient to cover the 1st year total expense, plus access to continuing source of funds to cover subsequent year of study
        3) they have residence abroad they intend to return to following the completion of their studies, demonstrated throw family, social, economic prospects ect.

        • It is hard to say exactly why they denied the visa, but suspect it may be for reason #3. If you decide to apply again, you must ensure that you convince the consular officer that you have strong ties to your home country and that you will leave the U.S. upon completion of the program.

  • ramadevi medavarapu
    5 years ago

    I am on j-1 visa doing my fellowship in hematology an oncology. I am planning to go to India this yr. I am in my last year of fellow ship. My husband was on j-1 visa and finished his waier. he also filed for green card and he got EAD. Is he still in non-immigrant status? Also I have 2 kids that are u.s citizens. What is my cahnce of getting rejected(as my husband filed for green card and my kids are us citizens)? Please let me know.

    • Hello Ramadevi. U.S. immigration laws are complex. I recommend directing your questions to an immigration attorney.

  • Amarjit
    5 years ago

    I am a 2nd year college student of the international institute of hotel management.I will be going for an intership in new york in the inwood country club but the worst part is that i have my dates of my training plan and the DS-2019 from 20th may to 20th novemeber.I will be going for my consulate interview on monday but i have valid reasons for going late as because my father was severely sick then i got my passport late and hencefortth the sponsor also took ample of time to complete the process which resulted in this.So will this be the reason for my denial of my J1 visa??please reply me as soon as possible.

  • matilda
    5 years ago

    I am a student who was offered an internship in the US. I applied for a J1 Visa and completed all the necessary paperwork including being truthful about 2 non-custodial sentences that I received from the courts. I am not proud of this in the least. The US Embassy had received my DBS Certificate and could see that I had previous convictions as well as the dates of sentencing. The Embassy still arranged an urgent appoint as my pressumed start date had already elapsed. At interview I was asked to elaborate why I committed the crimes. I was then handed the passport back and advised that due to the fact that the criminal incident had been rather recent, the visa was declined. My question is, if they declined the visa on those grounds, why then did the US Embassy go ahead and set up an emergency appointment as well request the non-refundable interview fee from me when in fact they were in receipt the details on the DBS certificate that they would use as reason to decline the visa application.

    • Matilda, I am sorry to hear about your experience. Good question… and one that I cannot answer.

  • priya
    5 years ago

    I am a final year masters student. I have been offered a research scholar position at UCR and my interview is this friday. I am extremely nervous as I do not have any GRE score. Is that important for a j visa? Also I am attending this research project as a part of my curriculum. So does that represent strong ties back home? As I will have to return to India by May in order to get my degree

    • Priya, I am not familiar with GRE requirements for research scholars.

    • Priya,

      If this is a part of your cirriculam then you have a strong chance in getting the visa approved. J1 visa does not needs GRE score.

      Answer the questions to US consulate truthfully and tell them this is your cirriculam process and you will returning back to your home country to get your degree.

      All the best!

  • Pierre
    5 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    I have an offer from a recent but VC-funded start-up. Yet I need to come up with a solution for the visa to turn the offer into a reality. It is technically a job offer, but I wouldn’t mind having officially an intern status (I don’t believe there is a pay limit for J1, is there?). I am open to any virtually other solution (E2, …), it is just that H1-B quota have been reached for 2014.
    I am a French citizen, and already had 3 J1 visas before (1 for internship, 1 for master student, 1 for academic researcher).
    Thank you so much for your help,

    • Hello Pierrre. The J-1 visa is not an option for regular work positions. I recommend contacting an attorney to discuss other options.

  • Deepak Kumar
    4 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    Today I appeared for J 1 VISA interview….
    VO asked me simple questions regarding my research program and funding. I answered properly. She further asked if I am working on a harmful pathogen. I said no…and explained though it causes disese in humans, it is not a high risk pathogen. But she wasnt convinced. She told that VISA can not be issued right now and asked me to submit few documents including invitation letter, CV, research details etc for administrative processing. However, she kept my passport, ds2019 etc…I am confused what went wrong. Everything was in place and I have a decent funding too (3000$ per month).
    Let me know what are the chances of VISA appoval… I have submitted documents by email.

    Thank you!

    • It is hard to predict. Usually when the consulate retains the passport and DS-2019, the visa will eventually be issued (after you submit additional documentation of course).

  • Suresh Dasari
    4 years ago

    My H-1B visa was denied under 214b case. I would like to apply for J-1. Can I ?

    • It depends on whether you meet the eligibility requirements. More importantly though, applying for an H visa indicates the intent to work in the U.S. No J-1 visa sponsor will issue a DS-2019 to you if your intention is to work in the U.S.

      • Suresh Dasari
        4 years ago

        I am a high school math teacher worked in US on J-1 in 200. In 2012 I was denied H-1 B. I would like to apply for J-1, I am married and have two children. I don’t want to take them with me. Is this ‘leaving my family here in India’ a strong tie to impress the consular that I have no intention to stay in US?

  • melanie
    4 years ago

    I am gonna apply for a J1 visa for the second time, but I am really worried. This year I arrived to my country one week after I have started my classes at the University. I know that consular officers know the date Universities start their classes, so if they watch my passport, they are gonna see that I arrived one week later. Do you think the embassy could deny me the J 1 visa? I’ll really appreciated if somebody answer my question.

    • If they ask the question, just be sure to answer it completely and truthfully. If you had good reason to be late, then it should not be an issue.

  • Maureen
    4 years ago

    Hell prof,
    I was denied a visitor visa early this month under 214B. I have been to the US four times and never violated my visa or I-94. I was supposed to go for a musical tour for three months then come back home and leave as a student. My admission is for 2014 Spring and I have admission from like 4schools that i visited while I was there and event auditioned to be considered for a music major. I have a US sponsor who’ve been sponsoring me even in my university here. I have a 3year recording music contract with a local label and a job offer from one local recording studio when I’m done with my studies in Music Technology in the US after some years and they have promised good pay. I have my transcript from my local university with a GPA of 3.2 out of 4.0. I did mass communication for my associates but now going to major in music production and we do not have any school with that in my country.What do you advice so I do not get a denial this time? I sincerely just want to go study and return home to be of great impact in the industry.

    • Maureen, you need the proper paperwork from the school in the U.S. (form I-20 or DS-2019) in order to apply for an F or J visa.

  • Hello Sir Mario,

    I am a graduating student here in the Philippines, and I joined a program (Summer work Experience In USA). I need to comply all the requirements and it includes financial documents of my parents and my sponsor(s). I am not sure if I can provide a financial document from my parents but I am sure to provide one from my sponsor(s) living in the US. I just want to ask if I still have the chance to pass the J1-Interview if I am not able to provide a financial statement of my parents.

    • Wea, if the application for the visa requires financial statements from parents, then you should include those. If you can’t, then check back with your program sponsor.

  • poosho
    4 years ago

    Hi mario,

    Im a recent graduate from Iran. i live in Budapest. couple of weeks ago my B1/B2 visa was rejected. counselor wasn’t happy that i extended my internship to 10weeks last year which originally was supposed to be 1month. I didn’t extend the visa, as u know B1B2 is about 6months, I simply stay more than I told them in previous interview.
    now I have a research opportunity with j1 visa . do you think they will reject me again ?


  • Julia
    4 years ago

    Hi there,
    I have had my j1 interview today and have checked the status of my visa online which states administrative processing.
    The consulate with whom I met, didn’t mention any problems with the application, nor did she state that further checks were necessary. On the contrary, she stamped my DS2019 form and said to expect it in 3-5 working days.
    Could the status online be due to the premature nature of my enquiry and in which case will it change over the next couple of days or is this administrative processing status only reserved for those applications which require further checks?
    A very anxious,

    • Hi Julia, the best thing to do with now is wait to see if they visa arrives. If it does not arrive after a week, I would contact the consulate.

  • Victoria
    4 years ago

    HI Mario, I wanted to ask you some questions: I am a J1 student who came in the US with a Work&Travel Program. My sponsor wants to terminate my sponsorship because I worked for 5 days without waiting for their vetting. Now I want to continue staying in the US till my Visa ends, October 30th. Has my sponsor the posibility to anulate my visa earlier than the date specified in my passport?

    Thank you very much for your help Mario.

    • Yes, they can if they find that you violated program rules. I would definitely contact them to discuss the situation.

  • Hi Mario,

    I am in the process of applying for the J1 visa. For the past 5 years, I have worked part-time in advertising whilst studying part time.

    In December last year, I completed my bachelor degree.

    I am eligible for the J1 visa because I finished studying in the last 12 months, but I’m wondering if I will have any trouble, given I’ve had 5 years experience in the field I intend to work in whilst in the US.

    Do I need to be at intern level to be eligible?

    Many thanks,

    • Elsa, your visa sponsor will make the determination whether you qualify as Intern or Trainee. They will also take your part time experience into account.

  • Rekhaa
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario
    I’m impressed with your willingness to answer everyone’s questions here. I have read all the above situations and your solutions to their queries. However I think mine is a different situation. let me explain:
    I had a job offer for a Business Developer from a company based in Ohio early last year, however my employer is not in a financial situation to sponsor for a H1B. The work needed to do was unique in terms of the product as it is not yet introduced into the Indian market. I have about 17 years of work experience in various industries out of which past 7 years was mainly focussed into the education sector. My US employer is also into education sector. Since H1B was not possible financially and also because he did not meet the requirements to process it, we opted for B1/B2 visa for me so I get there and then find ways to convert the visa into something viable. I was refused with a 214B.
    Couple months later, he got me an admission in a community college for Graphic and animation graduate course and I applied for F – but refused again with 214B, tried again a month later and was again refused with the same clause.

    I faced 3 denials at the US consulate at Mumbai, India.

    After that I went to Australia on a business trip for client meets and returned before my visa expired and visited Dubai too once and returned staying within the immigration rules.

    I have also completed occupational certification course on the required skills early 2013. All this while I am still working on projects for this US employer from India, now we figured that J-1 is a possible way of my getting to US. This bodes well with what we would like to accomplish in terms of my learning this unique methodology and the tools to be able to do my projects single-handedly when I’m back in India, also a possibility of introducing this methodology in my country.

    Given the above situation, What are the possibility of my J-1 visa refusal if we were to go along this road? I think I am still within the 12 month period of completion of an occupational certificate – Right? Can this be used in the application to apply for J1?

    I have a minor daughter and mother I look after in India and have a house too. I’m single and will complete 37 years of my life this september. It just worries me as to what can be the results if I applied for US again given what I faced last year.

    I look forward to your guidance.

    Many thanks

    • Rekhaa, the J program is intended for cultural exchange purposes. From what you describe, the J visa would not be an appropriate visa for you.

      • Rekhaa
        4 years ago

        Thank you Mario. I would think that I am going to need to be exposed to the American culture and the requirements of learning the work so I am well equipped with it when I return to India. Isn’t that what J1 is all about? Since I am to acquire clients in US and service them from offshore, won’t it be an appropriate visa solution for me to learn the tricks of the trade?

  • rawaha
    4 years ago

    I applied for a J-1 exchange visa and at the time of interview I was denied visa because further administrative processing was required for my case. After 2 weeks I got an email saying that my case has been approved and I need to submit my passport. I submitted my passport and they told me that I would receive an email in 3-4 days once my passport was ready for pickup. Now it has been more then 2 weeks and I haven’t received any email. I emailed the embassy to inquire about my case and they did not reply to my email (usually they reply me within a day but now 4 days have passed and they didn’t reply me). And now I am confused as I cannot contact the embassy.
    What should I do?

    • Rawaha, I recommend continuing to contact the embassy, either via email or phone.

    • Rekhaa
      4 years ago

      Thank you Mario. I would think that I am going to need to be exposed to the American culture and the requirements of learning the work so I am well equipped with it when I return to India. Isn’t that what J1 is all about? Since I am to acquire clients in US and service them from offshore, won’t it be an appropriate visa solution for me to learn the tricks of the trade?

  • Robert
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    I’m due to have my consulate interview next week. I’m due to complete a 12 month paid training program in the US after which I will return to my home country (the UK). All my paperwork (ds160, ds7002, and ds2019) appears in order. I have a large family in the UK and no family members in the US so, although it’s impossible to predict, I feel confident that I will be approved.

    If I am approved, will they tell me at the end of the interview that I’ve been successful?

    Many thanks,


    • Robert, it depends on the consulate. If approved, some consulates will retain your passport, issue the visa and mail it to you within a few days.

  • Hi Mario,

    I was doing an internship last winter with a German company that has a close partner company in the US. I was sent over to the US several times to learn about the companies specific products. It is an IT company with very specific, expensive hardware and the German company doesn’t have everything on stock. Therefore I was sent to the US to learn to know all the products. I was there in total of about 6 months in my 8 months internship. It was planned that I do half of the internship at the US location and half in Germany but because of a big project I ended up spending more time in the US. I travelled there on a visitors visa 3 times. One time for about 6 weeks, once for about 2 months and once for about 3 months. So I never exceeded the visitors visa and I always stated to be there for business purposes. I was never employed at the US company and always paid/reimbursed by the German company.
    Last month I wanted to do some travelling before I was going to start my research exchange at a University in California. So I was about to enter the US again on a visitors visa for travelling purposes (after about 5 months back in Germany). But I was denied entrance because they thought I was going to work illegally. Parallel to that happening my application for the J1 visa with the University in California was already issued and approved. I just received the DS 2019 from them this week.
    Now I’m very intimidated by the interview with the embassy for my J1 because of what happened before with the visitors visa. Is there any advice you can give me?

    Thanks so much!!!

    • The only recommendation I can give is to answer all questions completely and accurately when you apply for the J-1 visa. Let me know how it goes, OK?

  • Kari McD
    4 years ago

    Hello, I have a question. I was denied b1/b2 visa four years ago. Can this previous denial affect my j1 application ? Thank You!

  • By applying for participation in the DV lottery, you showed intent to permanently reside in the U.S. Based on this, a U.S. consulate may have reason to deny an application for an exchange visa.

  • dear sir. i am an indian. my visa was denied under j1 12 months training program in 2 weeks ago. officer was asked me only 3 quetions and gave me 214b.and they were not give me any reason so pzl post me right path what should i do. i should give try again or not. thanks…….i will wait for your answer…..

    • Dear Yogesh. I am sorry to hear about your visa denial. You were likely not able to convince a consular officer that you will return home upon completion of your program. It is advisable to show strong ties to your home country, ie a job, home, ties to family, friends, local community. A refusal under 214(b) is not permanent. If you can show additional evidence to overcome the initial objections, then you can reapply.

  • Katty
    4 years ago

    I recently signed up for US traineeship program for 1year (I am from the Philippines) and still under processing state but I am worried for the upcoming US VISA interview. I know it is too early to over-think things but I can not really help. My parents are pretty much living in a very simple life. My mother is a plain house wife and my father is working as a government employee. Meaning, I don’t have an economic ties to my country. It is my aunt and my brother who will pay for all the expenses and everything. I am currently employed as an event staff but only as freelancer and am helping out my uncle for his small catering business. Do you think there’s a chance for me to still pass the visa interview regardless of the fact that we don’t have economic ties in the Philippines? or can I use my aunt’s and my brother’s property to present in the consul as an economic ties? please help. thank you.

    • Dear Katty, when applying for the J-1 visa, you will have to present strong ties to your home country. This can be in the form of family, a home, friend or ties to the local community. The fact that your family owns a catering business already present economic ties to your home country. Like you said, don’t over-think the interview and answer questions completely and truthfully. Good luck!

  • Mario,

    My J1 visa was rejected twice and now I am applying for F1 visa next month so if you can tell me what is the approval rate for F1 visa.

    Tejas M.

    • Hello Tejas, I am sorry to hear that your J visa application was denied. Unfortunately, it is hard to predict if an F visa would be approved.

  • Vicente Cabrera
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I am a 40 year old civil engineer from Spain.
    Is there any age limit for the J-1 program in Civil Engineering?


    • Vicente, there are no age restrictions under the J-1 visa. However, the proposed training has to be appropriate to your background.

  • Dear Mario,

    I am applying for a J1- visa for study in USA on 2013 but on 2007 I made an application for Immigration visa to USA and I didnt catch the interview that time in the Embassy….what is my situation here? is there a risk my J1 visa request will be canceled?


    • Your J-1 visa application should not be canceled automatically; however, you may need to explain why you applied for immigrant status in 2007. A consular officer will be concerned about immigrant intent and you will have to prove that you will return to your home country upon completion of the J program.

  • vithin
    4 years ago

    Dear Marrio,

    I am vithin from india. I have completed bachelor degree and having more than 2.5 year of work experience. looking for j1 visa. I have already got an offer letter from reputed organization in u.s., but recently i came to know that candidate with 2.5 year experience will be get difficult to receive a visa through my friend. so iam now bit in worry to apply for visa.
    having more experience than required…..will it make any difficult to get the visa???

    • Hello Vithin. Any training program you find has to be appropriate to your background. In other words, it has to match your education, skill, experience. Two and a half years is not “too much” experience to participate in a trainee program.

  • Dear Mr. Janssen, I have an important question to ask you. I am a master graduate student with no work experience and willingness to learn. This year I’ve participated at the DV Lottery (for 2015) but right after I submitted the form, I received from a company in the US. the possibility for a J-1 Non-Immigrant Visa for a short period of 6 months (2014).
    Now, my concern is: how can I be able to explain to the consulate that all I want is having the possibility to learn for a short period of time as a intern in the U.S and coming back to my own country right after because probably starting a PhD? I can’t deny I’ve submitted the DV Lottery of course, but isn’t it called Lottery for a reason? People do it just to try an option that could even change during a period of time? And since I’m a student and I need this 6 months training, how can this influence the DV Application for 2015?
    Thank you so much for your attention on this

    • Lila, if/when you apply for a J-1 visa at a U.S. consulate, just be sure to answer questions truthfully and completely. You will likely have to explain why you applied for the DV lottery.

  • Good day Mario,

    I have applied to a university in the U.S., have been admitted and they are going to be my sponsors as well. More than a year ago, I was accepted to a different university and I applied for F-1 Visa and was denied because of lack of social, economic and family ties. (I reckon it is because my brother-in-law’s parents was going to provide support for me and this was questioned by the immigration officer).

    This time around, I am applying for J-1 Visa, I have saved enough money for the duration of the study, recently I completed reservist training in my country’s armed forces (I am reserved military officer). I am a naturalized citizen of my current country and been living here for almost 14 years. My family consists of 3 sisters (1 working, 2 students), my mother is a housewife and my father is works in a factory that pays quite poorly.

    What advice can you give me, given my circumstances, in order to be able to provide binding ties to my home country?

    • GC, please review this section from the State Department website:

      What are considered strong ties to my home country?

      Ties are the various aspects of your life that bind you to your home country. Strong ties vary from country to country, city to city, and person to person, but examples include:

      Your job;
      Your home; and/or
      Your relationships with family and friends.
      While conducting visa interviews, consular officers look at each application individually and consider the applicant’s circumstances, travel plans, financial resources, and ties outside of the United States that will ensure the applicant’s departure after a temporary visit.

  • Patrick
    4 years ago

    Hi, I am about to apply for the J1 12 month visa. I have been to the states on numerous occasions on the ESTA visa, I was stopped for secondary screening in New York as they wanted to now what I was doing during my stay, they eventually let me proceed with my travels. Will this have a bearing on the decision of my visa acceptance.


    • Hi Patrick, it depends on the reasons for secondary screening. Since you were allowed to enter the U.S. after your secondary screening, you should be fine.

      • Patrick
        4 years ago

        Thanks for the response Mario, the reason for secondary screening was that of working during my visa. I was honest and admitted do working the odd day during my 90 days during one summer (however, as previously stated they let me proceed). Will this be on my record and would you advise me to be honest during my embassy interview? Thanks for your time.

        • Hi Patrick. It is hard to say if the reason for secondary screening still matters today. Yes, absolutely; you have to be 100% truthful answering questions during the interview. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

        • Patrick
          4 years ago

          Also Mario, while in the states I applied for the DV lottery, will this be questioned during my interview and should I tell the embassy? I appreciate your time.

  • Adarsh
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario,
    I have applied for my J1, J2 visas to US ad its almost four weeks. I did this in Germany where I am right now.
    My question is i would be travelling to US once I get my visa as I have to start my Job and also the J1 has to enter the US within 30 days I believe.
    Does this 30 days also applied for a J2 as my wife plans to travel later to US maybe in 2 months. We would both be getting the visa together.
    I know a J2 can travel separately without a J1, but does she has to travel within 30 days of getting the visa or anytime later???
    Please do suggest.


    • The J-2 can enter the U.S. any time after the J-1 is admitted on J status, providing that the J-2 has a valid form DS-2019 and visa.

  • rami gebrail
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario:

    I am Rami Gebrail,a resident doctor in Syria, who was denied B1 visa 2 times because of 214(b) . My family is in US ( 2 brothers are citizens and my parents hold green card) and now I apply for j1 visa as a postdoctoral research trainee in Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and I was accepted in a position there, but I’am afraid to not get the visa in the embassy as what happen before because actually I have no ties here in Syria just a brother who live with me because of the civil war which has been for 3 years. so please help me what should I do because this job will positively affect my future when I apply for residency in US.

    • Dear Rami. I am sorry to hear about the denial for the B visa. When applying for a J visa, a consular officer will once again look for strong ties to your home country. Since you don’t have those strong ties, a denial of the J visa is likely. I recommend that you (and or your family here in the U.S.) seek legal advice to determine how you join them. Good luck.

  • Kyrie
    4 years ago

    Hi Sir Mario! I am very impressed that you managed to answer everyone’s question. So I’m hoping you’d get to answer mine too.

    I am a HRM student, I will be set to graduate this april. I am currently applying for a program that would send me to the US for work and travel/OJT. This only for 4 months. And I was wondering, as I was very sickly when I was starting in college, I did have my subjects dropped because of health issues, now, with those subjects being dropped/failed, would that affect my chances of getting a J1 Visa? Thank you for your help. 🙂

    • Kyrie, dropping classes should not affect the application process for the SWT program. Good luck!

  • Suresh Dasari
    4 years ago

    Mr. Mario, I went to US on J-1 visa in 2005 as a high school math teacher and came back to India because I could not pass the praxis exam. My contract was not renewed for the next academic year (2006). I had to come back in 2006. After that I applied for H-1 B through another company and got approval for three years. In the last year of my three years approval, I went for visa interview. I was asked to submit offer letter. I had offer letter with me at the time of interview. While I was giving it to the consular she did not give me a chance to put it in front of her. She asked me to drop the requirements in the drop box and put my case under 221(g). My lawyer told me that she would drop it in the drop box. After a few months I was called by the consulate office to come and collect a sealed cover and my lawyer collected it and told me sad news that my visa was denied under 214(B). She told me that the reason for the denial was not given and left my case.
    For next academic year I would like to apply for J-1 visa. I have all the requirements and previous experience to go as a high school math teacher on J-1 visa. I am much more worried about my previous denial and suspecting the H-1b visa denial will be an obstacle to get J-1. I don’t want to take my wife and two children and would like to leave them in India during my first stay in US if I am given J-1. I hope leaving them in India would be a strong tie to impress the consular. What do you say?
    Suresh Dasari.

  • Suresh Dasari
    4 years ago

    Mr. Mario, I went to US on J-1 visa in 2005 as a high school math teacher and came back to India because I could not pass the praxis exam. My contract was not renewed for the next academic year (2006). I had to come back in 2006. After that I applied for H-1 B through another company and got approval for three years. In the last year of my three years approval, I went for visa interview. I was asked to submit offer letter. I had offer letter with me at the time of interview. While I was giving it to the consular she did not give me a chance to put it in front of her. She asked me to drop the requirements in the drop box and put my case under 221(g). My lawyer told me that she would drop it in the drop box. After a few months I was called by the consulate office to come and collect a sealed cover and my lawyer collected it and told me sad news that my visa was denied under 214(B). She told me that the reason for the denial was not given and left my case.
    For next academic year I would like to apply for J-1 visa. I have all the requirements and previous experience to go as a high school math teacher on J-1 visa. I am much more worried about my previous denial and suspecting the H-1b visa denial will be an obstacle to get J-1. I don’t want to take my wife and two children and would like to leave them in India during my first stay in US if I am given J-1. I hope leaving them in India would be a strong tie to impress the consular. What do you say?
    Suresh Dasari.

  • Vivek Parashar Pandey
    4 years ago

    I had appeared for my J-1 Visa interview (for post doctoral research) on date 23 Oct. 2013 and consular issued me 221g green letter (administrative processing). I have submitted all documents asked in 221g next day. Please let me know I have not entered the details of my dependents (wife and son, DS2019 was issued to them) because they can not accompany this time. Later they may need to go.
    It will hamper my visa issuance and also of my dependents, if they need late?

    • Vivek, it should not make a difference. J-2 dependents can travel with the J-1 or separately at a later time.

  • hina durani
    4 years ago

    Hey Mario,i have a quick question i am on ji. i am a doctor and doing my residency in US.I Went to canada once to renew my ji last yaer but this yr i couldnt go because of my crazy scheduled and my visa expired.If i plan to go to canada to renew my visa but i know it will be a huge risk as my US visa was expired on 7/31.what do you recommend? i really wana go to my home country as my father is having a surgery.I will greatly appreciate your reply.Thanks.

    • If you can avoid it, don’t travel outside the U.S. If you must travel outside the U.S., then you need to reapply for the J-1 visa at the U.S. consulate in your home country.

  • Cisca
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I was offered a one-semester fellowship by MIT from Feb-May 2014 and am in the process of applying for a J-1 visa. Meanwhile I currently have a 2 years B1/B2 visa that will expire by 2015 and I have been to the US about 6 times on B2 (conferences) within the past 5 years. I want to know if my B1/B2 visa will be cancelled if am granted a J-1 visa.

    Thanks for your anticipated response.

    • Cisca, your B1B2 visa will remain valid. But you will enter the U.S. on J status if you have a valid form DS-2019.

      • Cisca
        4 years ago

        Thanks for your response Mario. Will I need to apply for a J-1 visa in addition to having a valid B1/B2 visa or my current B1/B2 visa will suffice?

  • Ahmed
    4 years ago

    I am currently a j1 visa in USA, i have applied for DV lottery just to has a green card so i can come back after the 2 years( lack of knowledge from me) .
    I also applied for me wife who is in home country trying to get a j1 also, could she be refused by the consular?
    How to cancel my application?
    Will i have any problems if i tried to extend my j1 status while in USA?
    I only need to finish my work for 2-3 years and go back home.

    • Hello Ahmed. Applying for the DV lottery shows immigrant intent, so a J application could be rejected based on that fact. I am not familiar with the process and canceling the application.

  • Ahmed
    4 years ago

    But , what for me if i applied for j1 extension within the USA , could i be rejected?

  • David
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,

    I am applying for a J1 visa for an internship at a big oil and gas company.

    I was told that depending on my performance the company could (at the end of this training period) sponsor me for a H1 visa to legally work with them.

    Could this be a reason of denying the J1 visa?

    My objective is not necessairly to work in the US but to work in the oil and gas sector.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello David. Yes, this may be a reason for rejecting a J application. All J visa holders are required to return home upon completion of their program.

  • Greetings Mario,

    I am an MBA graduate from Australia and PG Diploma graduate from NewZealand,I have done my marketing Internship from Australia and now I am taking 1 year work experience from Mumbai,India to be eligible for J1 training visa

    I have been to other countries as well, and my passport shows that I have departed countries before visa expiration date. Can it be a plus point ?and wil the Visa officer be assured that I am solely travelling USA for training purpose?

    Many thanks for your time and efforts

    • One of the major issues to overcome during visa interviews in immigrant intent. You have to be able to convince the consular officer that you will return home upon completion of the program.

  • Cisca
    4 years ago

    Dear Mario,
    I currently have a valid B1/B2 Visa that will expire in 2015. I was offered a one-semester fellowship by MIT from Feb-May 2014. I am expecting the DS-2019 form any moment from now. Do I need to apply for a J-1 visa or my B1/B2 visa will suffice?

    Many thanks

  • Hello Mario,

    I have read that not all J1 visa holders are subjected to 2 year home residency rule
    It depends on factors such as

    1) If the country of your nationality differs from the country of your last legal permanent residence at the time you obtain your Exchange Visitor (J-1) visa status,
    2) the Skills List from the country of your last permanent residence at the time you obtain your J visa applies to you.
    3) When your field of knowledge or skill is displayed on your country’s skills list, the two-year foreign residence requirement applies to you.

    My country is in the exchange visitor skills list but my skill is not in the list. I have done Business course and will be doing Business related training (for eg Marketing training) in USA, as it is not in the skill list, does it mean that I do not come under 2 year home residency rule?.


  • sammy
    4 years ago

    Hello Sir,

    I completed my Graduation in 2011.
    Then I went to usa twice on J1. Once in 2009 during my graduation and next in 2011 after my graduation. Afterwards I went to Australia for one year for internship and returned back to my country.
    Based on these facts,can I still apply for J1 and if so will it be safe to go for it?
    Please advise.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



  • Hi Mario,

    I have been accepted onto a 12 month trainee program and am preparing for my J1 interview. I am a UK citizen/graduate, and all of my family and friends live in the UK.

    I am struggling to think of what I can take as evidence of my family ties and proof of intent to return- as I am young I do not own property or a car (I live with my parents). What documentation would be good to bring to my interview as proof of my family ties?


    • Hello Kate. Congrats on your offer in training! The fact that all your family and friends live in the UK indicates ties to your home country. During the interview, be prepared to explain what your plans are after completion of the program. Good luck!

      • Thank you! I am looking forward to it.

        So is me simply saying that all my family are in the UK enough evidence of this in itself? (i’m not really sure how one would go about ‘proving’ through documentation that you are close with your family!)

        I really appreciate your advice- thank you for what you do!

  • Julio
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario,

    I worked for 1 year as a post doc in an American University, now I am doing another postdoc elswhere but next year I have a job offer in another US University, so I am applying for the J1 visa waiver. The thing is I am living in France now and I am having difficulties finding a place where I can do the “bank international money order or a foreign draft drawn on an institution in the U.S. and must be made payable to the U.S. Department of State in U.S. currency.” Do you know where I can do this in France? Do they accept it fom the Postal Bank (La Banque Postale)? Kind Regards, Julio

  • Hi Mario,

    I’m a UK citizen & recently applied for J1 sponsorship. Unfortunately, after looking at my educational status& the internship I’d been offered the company weren’t able to approve my sponsorship. I hadn’t yet been issued a DS form or gone to the consulate. If I go on vacation to the US now do I have to state that I’ve been declined a visa or can I answer no to that question on my ESTA form?

    Would really appreciate your help !


    • If you have not applied for a visa at the consulate, then you were never declined a visa. Instead, you have been found ineligible for a J visa.

  • Intern
    4 years ago

    Hi there! I am a UK Undergraduate, and have been accepted on a pain internship in the U.S starting in the summer. I have family ties home here and funding arranged etc, but I stupidly have a police caution for assault (ABH). What happens about this? It was about a year ago and just a caution, nothing else, and totally not a correct representation of my character!

    Many thanks.

    • Hello Nathan, be sure to disclose the situation on form DS-160 and explain the situation during your consulate interview.

  • Tatiana
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario, My cousin came on a J1 visa thru a student work/travel program with Cultural Homestay International. She came with employment set up and CHI was to find them housing and help her thru the transition of getting familiar with the area, transportation was to be provided and per the employment contract, she was going to work Mon – Friday 8:00 am thru 5:00PM. Once she arrived to the states, everything was not as promised. She struggled to get to her final destination and had no answers from CHI when she reached out to them. Also, once she got to her destination, she had no housing set up, she was put in an empty apt without furniture and was ask to sleep there in those conditions since that was the only place CHI can provode then. They refused and stay in a hotel, a couple days later her and 6 other friends were taken to an apt in a bad area from Rutland, Vermont were they felt unsafe and uncomfortable. Once again they complaint and were promised to go to another apt in a better area. Apparently their employer worked something with them and help them find a place but did not provided a lease not receipts of payment they have make towards the rent, sec deposit etc. Everything got worst after that, not only their employer did not complied with the work scheduled but they were also fired via e-mail with false accusations of not showing up to work, when in fact she knew that all of them were having housing problems and had not had a chance to adjust and familiarized themselves with everything in teh area. She gave them another chance but it is only for 3 hours per day and another concern is that she has giving them another so call “american names”. They are performing apartment cleaning services and are not provided with gloves, mask and no other safety supplies since the chemicals appear to be very strong and caused blisters on the hands and they can hardly breath while using the chemicals. I reached out to CHI and they do not seem to be concern about what the students are going thru. I asked CHI to look for another job for them but my concern is that they will be homeless since the employer that have now, seems to be their landlord. Do you know where can I file a complaint about Cultural Homestay International? They bring students here in false terms. I am filing a complaint about the employer thru the dept of labor in Vermont.

    • Dear Tatiana, I am sorry to hear about this situation. It is crucial that you contact CHI again, they are here to help. If this issue is not resolved, please let me know.

  • kelvin
    4 years ago

    Hi Mario, I was refused a J-1 visa in 2013 as I applied from my home country Ghana. Please I want to know if travelling experience causes visa denials because I have not travelled outside my home country and I was asked if I had any travelling experience. I feel that was why I was refused because I was able to answer all other question concisely. Thank You

    • Hello Kelvin, I am sorry to hear about the visa rejection. It is impossible to know exactly why some visa applications are denied.

  • Ratna Ventrapragada
    4 years ago

    Hello Mario

    I am Ratna Ventrapragada from India.

    I have been into Online tutoring since Feb 2012, tutoring chemistry to U.S students. I have had experience handling text chat based sessions. I have also been working as Assignment Help Expert since a year and earned good reviews. I worked as a Solution Authorizing expert before, where I dealt with solving U.S text book problems in Chemistry of College level, serving as an aid to student’s homework Help.

    I also had an experience of working on Drugs based reports where the job involved identifying information & opinions of drug users about the various drugs over the internet, their feedback, analyzing it & making reports (Market Intelligence Reports)

    I worked as Chemistry Lecturer for 2 years in a reputed college in India, where I taught Organic Chemistry for degree I, II, III years (both theory and practical).

    Now, what I would like to know is, how do I approach the sponsor for a teaching job in U.S Public/private schools. I did check this site:

    for sponsors and emailed to the email address of “Chicago public schools” 3 days back, but didnt receive any response from them so far.What is the method ot contact sponsor ? I see telephone numbers listed in that site but I being in India, cannot afford to make a call to U.S for long. How do I approach sponsors [any of them listed in that site] for U.S public schools ?

    please …please …please help me Mario !

    • You could contact sponsors via email, by filling out an application online or via Skype. Good luck!

  • patel
    4 years ago

    Hello Mario,

    I am a physician in training for last 4 years on J 1 visa. I have plans to go to visit my home country, India. I heard about lot of refusals these days to J 1 visa. Is it something I should worry or that does not apply to me because I have been in training here for long time and able to produce all documents that prooves my good standing for last few years. I will have to vist embassy as my visa have expired.

    Appreciate your response.


    • Dear Patel, please reach out to your sponsor organization for guidance. At the very least, you need to have your form DS-2019 validated for travel.

  • chipmunk
    4 years ago

    Hi mario,

    I have just been offered a job in a US private school for next year as a teacher. I have been teaching in the UK for 3 years. I will have to apply for a J1 through my new employer. My parents overstayed with me on the VWP when I was 11 years old. This has not proven to be a problem in terms of obtaining a 10 year tourist visa with full validity in the past. Will it affect my chances of getting the J1 visa?

    • I am not sure how long this stays on your record. I recommend reaching out to the consulate for guidance. Another option is to go through the visa application process and during the interview explain what happened. Whatever you do, just make sure you answer questions truthfully and completely.

  • Kristian
    4 years ago

    Hello Mario

    I am a student 3 course from Bulgaria, i have one more year of study. Last summer i was on an Exchange program with a J1 visa. I returned on time before my J1 expires. And later registerd for the Green Card Lottery not knowing my intentions for the next year, and thinking that there is a really small chance, but still i wanted to try …
    My plans have changed and im planning on returning again to work for the summer only. And i dont know will the DV affect my chances of getting a J1 visa for this year ?

    Best regards
    Thank you!

    • Hello Kristian. Participation in the green card lottery indicates intent to immigrate to the U.S.. If you apply for a J visa, you will have to explain why you participated in the lottery.

  • Daniel Delgado
    4 years ago

    Hello Mario,

    I am legally resident in the United Kingdom on a student visa valid till October 2015, pursuing my undergraduate degree. During the coming summer, I may or may not wish to pursue an internship between the months of June to August after which I would return to the UK to complete the final year of my degree. Naturally, I would have to obtain a J-1 category visa for this.

    I have two previous F-1 student visa refusals at the US Consulate in Mumbai, India which occurred during the year of 2012. Both were under section 214(b) of the US INA.

    I have previously lived in the U.S. as a child dependent i.e. my father was the ‘principal alien’ on an H1-B. After obtaining an extension valid till August 20th 2004, my family decided to return to India. However, I was still registered on my mother’s passport at the time and since I was 11 year’s old that year, the airline officials said that I would have to obtain a new passport to travel, which I did but resulted in me overstaying for 3-4 days.

    The proposed internship between June to August would be unpaid hence, funding would be from my personal savings which amount to 3,200 British Pounds i.e. 5,250 US Dollars.

    Regarding the 221(e) clause: If applied to me, would I have to return to India (home country) or would I be able to return to the UK to complete my final year of studies (imperative that I do!!) i.e. home country necessarily or outside the U.S.?

    Based on the given information, would my circumstances be seen as detrimental or beneficial to the likelihood of obtaining a visa? Hypothetically speaking of course.



    • Daniel, after completing your internship in the U.S. you can return to the U.K. to complete your studies.

  • helo sir mario,
    i am planning to apply for a visa for me to get to the u.s for my on job training..i am from philippines.my problem is that ther is something wrong with my name in my birth certificate..but i already process it for correction…it takes 6 months for it to be fix and i badly need to apply for my visanow but my birth cerfic ate was yet done.
    the local registrar just give me a cer
    tification stating that i already process my birth cert. can i use that certfction for my applicaton in getting visa? if not what must be the things i need to do?

    • Lie, you will need your passport to apply for the J-1 visa. I am not aware of a requirement to supply a birth certificate.